Best Resistance Bands for Exercise 2018

Exercise resistance bands are one of the most sought-after pieces of exercise equipment – This is because they can be used for so many things!

Muscle activation is an underrated topic. So many people struggle to activate muscles before training. This is where a “prehab program” is super beneficial also providing injury prevention. Some of the strongest and fittest people struggle with lower extremity injuries due to their lack of glute strength and hip muscle stability. This is because these are the hardest muscle groups to activate – we use them ALL THE TIME, standing up and while we walk. It takes more than a couple of squats to really get them fired up! Benefits of resistance bands include the firing of hip flexors, hip ab/adductors and over all injury risk reduction as you can warm up quickly and effectively, take a look at some recommended exercises.

Muscles activated by resistance bands

Good resistance bands are used for the upper extremity too. Suitable for many stretches and muscle activation techniques to prime you for your workouts and promote top notch muscle health. You may have come across the cheaper latex looped bands people use for these exercises. When it comes to long term use, you want something sturdier that can maintain its shape and use.

Slingshot Hip Circles

These are Hip Circles, giving an edge compared to other branded resistance bands. All looped resistance bands are used to strengthen the muscles surrounding the hip – Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip flexors, Hip adductors and Hip abductors. They come in 3 different sizes: M, L and XL – sizes corresponding to resistance best for your size.

Slingshot resistance band

They come in a range of colours: Blue, Purple and Pink or if you want to go for something less bold and colourful, you can check out the other variation of the hip circle below!

Slingshot Grippy Hip Circles

This variation of the Hip Circle keeps all the good stuff of the original and adds the ‘Grippy’ feature. Rubber strips are built in the inside of the circle, this adds grip and makes sure the circle can’t slip during warm ups or workouts. For the same price, why not go with the added benefit?

Slingshot grippy resistance bandThe Grippy Hip Circle comes in different colours; Orange and Black (If you want a less noticeable option, black is a good choice). The sizing is slightly different. Use all Hip circles as you would for squats with a resistance band.


Wodfitters Pull Up Assistance bands

Are you struggling to get your first pull up? Or looking at ways to progress your max pull up number? These resistance bands are a great accessory to slip into your gym bag! The most common way to utilise these are as a pull up assistance band. Hook the band around the pull-up bar, place your foot or knee in the hanging loop to assist your pull up. This increases the resistance at the bottom of the pull up, making it easier to pull up to the top of the movement.

WodFitters resistance bands Wodfitters resistance bands Assist the activated muscles during the pull up (Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Scapular muscles, Deltoids and Biceps). Building up the strength and stability needed for an unassisted pull up. To work towards beating a plateau in the number of pull ups you can do, these help you to build endurance making the movement easier. More reps with a lighter load is great way to progressively overload. You can also use these to perform more efficient negative reps, to build even more strength.

These are not only used as assisted pull up bands, they can be utilised for Muscle up Assistance and perfect for stretching and muscle activation, check out these products if you’re interested in keeping your muscles fit and healthy for your workouts. This is just the start of the resistance band benefits! Get yours and find out the many other ways they can be beneficial.


How to Get More Instagram Likes

The post you’ve been waiting for – This post will provide some instructions on how your Instagram posts can gain more likes and exposure.


The Big Picture:Are you trying to grow your Instagram but struggling to get increased post traction? These are probably your biggest problems.


The number one mistake of up and coming Instagram influencers is posting bad quality photos and content. Do your followers a favor by only posting good quality photo’s – Most of you should be fine with the camera quality of recent phone releases. Photo quality is the initial drawing point for most users, the better the quality the more likely the consumer is going to stop, look and like the photo. Minimal editing is also best – slight editing, enhancing the brightness and colours never hurt anybody but stay away from heavy filters and body enhancement – these are very noticeable and detract from your authenticity as an influencer.

We’re not going to lie, photos taken from a professional camera tend to do best for most influencers. It may sound like a big job to get the photos from the camera to a computer and onto your phone for easy upload but a tool we have found super useful to make this process easier: planmypost This website allows you to upload your pictures straight from the computer, captions included. The coolest thing about this website is that you can schedule your uploads to popular post times, which brings us to our next most important point.

Post Timing:

Have you noticed that some posts get more exposure and likes than others? This could not only be due to the quality of the content but also the time at which you’ve posted.

Peak post times as mentioned on hashtagsforlikes are relative to your time zone but social media influencers in 2018 have ranked 11:30am – 1:30pm and 7:00pm – 10:00pm BUT there are also better days to post on that others! Monday and Thursday were rated the best days, followed by Wednesday with Sunday being the least optimal posting day. Also make sure to factor in the time zone you are wanting to target, if you want to target the UK or USA and you don’t live in that specific country.

This is where planmypost comes in most handy – If you live in a small country and your posts aren’t getting noticed by the big boys this is a tool you might consider! By using planmypost you set schedule the post upload to the optimal load time for any country you want, just make sure you do your research. Planmypost also has a hashtag function which allows you to add appropriate hashtags for each post.

Hashtags are a huge component to post exposure, each hashtag you use increases the potential of other users to come across your post. The more likes your posts get initially, boosts the Instagram algorithm to recognise your post and push it out to other Instagram users. Luckily there are a lot of different tools for the most effective hashtags such as hashtagsforlikes this website provides the most popular hashtags for so many different categories they have you covered no matter your Instagram page theme.


Limit Affiliate Posts:

Sometimes influencers get caught up in promoting too many products in order to monetize their Instagram page. When this happens too quickly along your influencer career, it may hurt your reputation. Your audience may notice and become less interested in your truthful content. In our opinion it is better to build your following on an honest basis and limited affiliate Instagram posts in order to gain the following. This doesn’t mean to disregard affiliate posts all together, but only posting things you really believe to be beneficial will gain the trust of your following. Once trust is established and your audience believes you to be credible you can expect much better engagement with your affiliate posts and make more conversions or sales per post!

Sponsored and affiliate posts on all platforms including Instagram have to noticeably show that they are affiliated with the company, essentially showing the consumers that whoever is posting will receive a small commission as stated on an article by The Verge.

This makes the audience aware that the influencer is getting paid for each sale made, and depending on their reputation on Instagram, it is not always for certain that the influencer believes this product is beneficial. It can be seen as a way to make money through commission sales, but if you have built up an honest following and only post products and services every once and a while your followers will take your word for it and you may be more successful with sales through your honesty!

With these tips in mind you can grow your Instagram without questioning if what you’re doing is right or not, speak your truth and if people enjoy your content the rest will follow! Make sure to check out the tools mentioned to increase exposure even more.

plan my post review

Schedule Instagram Posts with – Review

Schedule Instagram posts later or ahead of time!

Make life easier with, at first, I was skeptical but now I’m never turning back!

What Plan my Post does:

  1. Allows you to schedule posts at any time of the day
  2. Allows you see the post in real time as you edit it
  3. Add Instagram captions and hashtags to boost engagement
  4. Allows you relax knowing you don’t have to worry about posting everyday

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 11.04.28 pm

Have you ever wished you could schedule Instagram posts? Or are you busy to upload at the optimal post times? Been able to queue posts on Tumblr and wonder why Instagram don’t have the option? I highly recommend checking out I started using this tool to make sure I could post every day at the best times for engagement while I was too busy. IT HAS MADE LIFE SO MUCH EASIER. All I have to do is sit down for one-hour max to plan my posts for the whole week. It works well when you are overloaded with content one week and have nothing planned for the following week – just schedule your Instagram uploads for the following week!

Bonus Features:

  • Offers a 10 day Free Trial
    Try the service for free, for 10 days to see if it’s for you.
  • Post Scheduling
    No added notifications or confirmations
  • Post Preview
    Get a visual preview of your posts before scheduling them.
  • In-app Analytics
    Track and optimize post performance from within the app. Track likes, followers and clicks!
  • Advanced Editor
    Curate the perfect content with our photo editor, add emoji’s and trending hashtags
  • Account Safety
    No Instagram passwords are stored within the app, so you can be sure that your account is always protected.


The pricing is also very reasonable the cheapest option being only $8 a month! I ended up using the next cheapest option as it allows you to have multiple accounts logged in, schedule up to 150 posts per account per month and post photos, videos and even Instagram stories! Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 11.04.40 pm

How plan my post helps grow your Instagram:

Of course, the most important tips for growing your Instagram following is posting good content at the optimal post times, along with having relevant and engaging hashtags. Imagine traveling one week, somewhere picturesque Paris, Venice, Barcelona and you take such good quality content but don’t want to overload your followers with travel spam. By using planmypost, you can organize your posting week and limit the amount of posts per-day or you can schedule them in the future for #throwbacks or just quality content. Your Instagram followers will appreciate the thought you are putting into your posting scheme as no-one wants to see 5 photos from one person in a row.

How I came across

While researching Instagram and the best growth tools, I came across a blog post about the best time to post on Instagram was. It explained the Instagram algorithm and how it determines importance of a post by the amount of engagement it gets quickly – the quicker your post gets likes, the more people will see it. Therefore, posting at optimal times gives you the greatest chance to increase your exposure to new potential followers. has tracking analytics which allows your to gauge your follower activity to know when the best time to post is for your audience. I found this blog to have very useful information, so recommend checking it out if your serious about growing your following! They also have a lot of information about organic growth tools such as

In conclusion I recommend going with a trusted provider as there are many services which don’t provide a high level of service such as those mentioned above. Always check out reviews before purchasing any growth service – is perfect for this!


Singapore View from Fairmont Hotel

Singapore Travel Tips

Top 5 To Do:

  1. The Cloud Forest + Gardens by the Bay

    My number one recommendation! A tropical rainforest without the bugs and with airconditioning – can’t get any better. Beautiful flowers, tropical plants, a waterfall and speciality areas are what make this place amazing. Located close by the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Just take the MRT to Bayfront station and follow the signs through the underground.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 12.55.21 AM.png

  2. Singapore Zoo and or River & Night Safari

    The Singapore Zoo has so much to offer, you can choose to walk around the zoo during the day, go on a river cruise, or take a bus by night to see how the animals act during the dark hours of the night. There is seriously an activity for all ages, not to mention the wildlife shows they perform during the day – definitely a must-do!

    Singapore Zoo

  3. Sentosa Island & Universal Studios

    Sentosa Island is separate from the main city of Singapore, the ways to get there include the Sentosa Express which is similar to a skytrain which stops at the four locations on Sentosa Island. Another way you can get there is by the Mt. Faber Gondala – enjoy the breath taking and panoramic views from the sky! The most popular attraction is Universal Studios, so if you want to make sure you skip the lines and get first dibs on the best rides get your EXPRESS PASS here at a great discount! There are different activities to do on each stop so I would recommend spending a whole day there or pre-plan your day on Sentosa by browsing through the activities beforehand. Here are some more activities I recommend on Sentosa Island: S.E.A Aquarium, The Luge, Indoor Skydiving. If you’re planning on going both to Universal Studios and the S.E.A Aquarium this is the best deal.

    Universal Studios

  4. Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck 

    Is one of the best ways to see the whole city from a birds eye view. The city looks so much different from the sky and this is an attraction worth checking out!

    Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck

  5.  Orchard Road/Shopping

    SO MANY malls to choose from, affordable and high-end shops can be found along the whole street! Be sure to check out ION Orchard and 303 Somerset

Ion Orchard

Singapore, an island, city and country all in one! It is the only place that holds these three titles in the world. To many people, Singapore is a stopover country and the majority of people who travel via Changi never walk out of the airport doors. There are a lot of doors, the airport is HUGE, feel free to take your pick. On a serious note, it is a highly underrated country where many people lack the desire to travel to. When people think South-east Asia, the countries you can actually see on the map spring to mind – Malaysia & Indonesia. Singapore is teeny tiny compared to the landmasses of its neighbours. It totals 720km2 which is about 2/3rds of the size of New York City alone. A diverse population primarily made up of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian decent make up this cultural melting pot of a country. A bonus for foodies out there as there is a minimum of 3 (excluding Asian fusion goodness) well-executed cuisines to explore! You can literally walk in any food-court/hawker centre and sit down with a $2-$6 meal enjoy every bite and be completely satisfied. What we like to do is go out with a group of friends and order several dishes to taste among ourselves, you can never get enough of this unique cuisine!

Finding a place to stay is one of the hardest decisions; like everywhere there is a big price range for standard room accommodation. One we have found to suit us best is Fairmont Singapore. Great location, in the heart of the City and connected to Raffles City Mall, and access to the City Hall MRT (Underground train system). We arrived very early – as in 6am, but the reception staff were so catering towards us making recommendations for places to eat and making us feel comfortable and welcomed after the long-haul flight. As it was so early, our room was not ready – due to this we were offered a room upgrade for an extra $120 per night! Keeping in mind we were originally in a standard room without breakfast included, this upgrade gave us included breakfast ($39.99++ SGD per person), a room in the opposite wing with an amazing view over the pool, Marina Bay Sands, ocean AND access to the Premium Lounge and executive gym access. The Premium Lounge offers an exclusive serene breakfast service and free pour alcohol with canapés during the evening (estimated $80.00 SGD per person as we asked to bring a friend and were told that was the cost). SO WORTH IT. The breakfast buffet is THE BEST EVER literally all you can think of, including classic American and English options but also Chinese, Malay and Indian breakfast delicacies. The breakfast service staff are so great, they remembered our name after 3-night’s stay, they are always polite even after having to deal with a lot of ‘not morning persons’. After a fulfilling breakfast, it’s time to explore the city! Or have a nap before doing so to digest the food.

Great food, tropical weather, shopping galore and premium service, for me – that is all I could ask for in a country! There are plenty of other amazing hotels in Singapore, click here to take a look! I highly recommend using as they have a wide range of accommodation options and great discounts!

Get Your Shit Together

Get Your Sh*t Together – Book Review

How to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do

Sarah Knight

Book Review

Known as the “Anti-Guru” by the Observer and A ‘Genius’ by Vogue, Sarah Knight hits the nail on the head with Get Your Sh*t Together.

Sarah Knights’ second release ‘self-help book’: Get Your Shi*t Together is straight to the point much like the title. Her first release: The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k allowed readers to care less about the things that make us unhappy and other people’s opinions. Knight summarises 3 personalities and relates them to the brothers from Alvin and the Chipmunks. A motivated strategist who works their ass off, Simon. A Cruiser but unable to kick it into a higher gear, Alvin. Lastly, a relatively hopeless, Theodore. Simply putting it, she teaches acknowledgement of your personality and how to utilise it or improve it to get your sh*t together. Relating to the audience is one of Knights specialities and she does it with the chipmunk analogy and her GYST (Get Your Sh*t Together) theory. The GYST theory couples a physical object with a mental attribute. Keys = Strategy, Phone = Focus and Wallet = Commitment. These constant reminders encourage Sh*t togetherness – Never leaving the house without these items (and metaphorical items) probably means you have your sh*t together more than the majority of the world.

A book of High Recommendation by your discover lab!

Declutter Your Mind – Book Review

 How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety and Eliminate Negative Thinking

By S.J. Scott & Barrie Davenport

Book Review

Self-Help Book: Declutter Your Mind, introduces strategies to diminish the thoughts and occurrences that take up too much mental space. Over-thinking, negative thoughts, stress and worry are experienced on a daily basis – over-whelming daily stresses build to a lack of confidence in potential, work performance and relationships. What if there were ways to conquer self-doubt? Decluttering your thoughts, life obligations, relationships and surroundings are the 4 sections of speciality. Promoting a journey of self-discovery through core value identification, tips on how to embrace calmness through deep breathing exercises, meditation and acknowledgement that a lot of the things that overwhelm us, don’t deserve a place among your mental shelves.

The best thing about this book is that it encourages acceptance of weakness and helps formulate these into strengths. How do I stop getting mad easily? How to build confidence? How do I find myself? The first step is acceptance, then applying the self-help methods such as; Gratitude, Awareness and Discipline. Then you can find yourself not caring about judgement, being more responsible with your emotions and not procrastinating.