Four reasons it might be worth it, but only if you do the work (April 2020 Updated!)

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You decided to become an influencer of sorts. You chose a niche and even have a pretty good idea of who your audience is. But how do you go about reaching them?

Throughout 2019 it was often highlighted the negative impacts of buying Instagram followers or using automation engagement services. Influencers and businesses are getting smarter in the way they increase their reach on social platforms. Throughout this article, I’m going to dive deep and explain a better alternative to organically attract genuine followers

One of the fastest and best methods for attracting targeted audiences is through social media. If you’re in an industry that’s highly visual — such as fitness, interior design, home construction, cleaning, or fashion — then chances are your customers are on Instagram.

Numbers show Instagram has almost even split of women and men users. Plus 71% of Instagram users are 35 and younger.

Then when you look at how many people are using the platform monthly — over 1 billion — you can see why it’s a practical tool to establish your voice and grow your brand

But going from 0 to thousands of subscribers is tough work.

How are Instagram influencers pulling it off?

What if we told you that buying Instagram followers was a common practice for new accounts (even for celebrities)?

Think you can wing growing your audience from scratch with no help? Give it a shot.

But if you’re looking for fast results, then buying followers is something you should consider.

Throughout this article I’m going to cover some importances of why, and where to get started with the best service:

  1. Grow your exposure
  2. Gain trust
  3. Attract followers
  4. A recommended tool to give you a massive boost

Now, let’s get started:

Grow the Visibility of Your Brand Instantly

When’s the last time you scrolled through your Instagram explore feed and saw a post from a user with 0 followers?


So how can you expect to get people following your Instagram page if no one can see it? By purchasing Instagram followers, you can go from 0 to 1,000 in mere days.

This will push your content up in the ranks and increase the chances of people finding your posts.

Gain the Trust of Your Audience

People judge social profiles based on their metrics. If they see you don’t have a lot of followers, then they’re going to assume your content isn’t worthy.

Ever notice how stars rise quickly on Instagram? It’s like they pop up seemingly out of nowhere. By the time you hear of them, they already have hundreds of thousands of followers.

When you see these profiles, you feel like the account holder is established and important. This is how Instagram celebrities are born.

If you want to make the same impression, then you need to have an impressive following.

Attract the Followers of Your Followers

That’s a mouthful, but something you want to chew and swallow. Getting the attention of your follower’s followers can help grow your profile even faster.

Let’s say, for example, that you buy 1,000 followers. This helps more people to discover your content.

The followers you gain organically are relevant and looking for the type of content you’re producing. And chances are, they know people who are looking for the same.

Whenever they interact with and share your content, their followers will see it and increase the chances of them checking out your profile.

Before you know it, you’ll have a massive network to tap into.

Increase Your Website Visits

If you own a website or blog where you sell products or share information, then you need traffic. Social media networks like Instagram are infamous for helping marketers drive website traffic.

While buying Instagram followers will make it easier to attract even more people — the content you share will play a more prominent role in driving engagement.

Whenever you publish content and share a link back to your site, you want followers to click on it. But to make this happen, you need posts that are high-quality, relevant, and engaging.

If you miss the mark on this, then chances are they’re not going to bite the bait.

Increase Your Revenue

There are many ways you can earn a living on Instagram. When you grow your Instagram following large enough, you can use that as a resource to make money.

Some Instagrammers use it to promote their products and services. For example, they may sell homemade body butter and lifestyle coaching.

Then others may act as an affiliate, promoting products and services of other companies. For instance, they may promote a fitness drink or online course.

However, you can do like many Instagram influencers do and earn money from sponsors. Here and there, they’ll promote a product, service or brand in exchange for cash.

The larger your following, the easier you’ll attract larger brands and the higher you’ll earn on a single promotional post.

The revenue potential you can earn from Instagram is great — but you have to have followers. Buying them at the beginning can help to jumpstart your online presence and grow your revenue.

The good news is you don’t need that many — you have some micro-influencers getting their first contract with only 5,000 followers.

Enhance Your Credibility as a Brand

Whether you’re a professional or personal brand, you need credibility to survive in the social world. There are too many fakes and flakes on social networks.

So you’ll have to set yourself apart and above all the noise.

Again, if you have only a handful of followers, then you’re not going to look important — let alone credible.

Having a million followers is like being a movie star. It shows your status in the community (albeit online) and how much people enjoy your content.

People today have FOMO (fear of missing out). They want to be in the loop of what matters to society — this includes rising stars on Instagram.

As you begin to attract authentic followers, your engagement grows along with your credibility.

From there, the sky’s the limit!

Leverage Instagram to Grow Your Other Social Profiles

It’s not enough to be on just one social media platform. You need to have a presence wherever your target audience is.

In many cases, this means being on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and the like. It’s good to research where your followers (and potential followers) are so you don’t waste time on platforms they’re not frequenting.

Once you have those profiles up and running, you can leverage your Instagram account to build a cross-platform audience.

Share your profile links on all of your accounts so followers can connect with you on the platforms they enjoy.

Build Trust that Resonates throughout the Webosphere

As your name starts to show up across the web, whether it’s in a blog or article, YouTube video, or other social network, people will begin to look you up.

When they find your Instagram account and all of the followers you have, it’ll create an instant trust for your brand.

This especially helps when you’re trying to connect with audiences on other platforms, such as forums, blogs, and so on.

Potentially Gain “Star” Status

If your content is excellent and followers grow massively, you could find yourself becoming an internet star. This is quite common in today’s world where consumers trust influencers over traditional tv/radio celebs.

This is possible if you have content, information, insights, or just a particular lifestyle that’s sought after.

With a large following, you can position yourself and any products or services you promote with authority. This status will make it easy for you to start other business ventures that can become instantly profitable.

How to Leverage Your Newly-Purchased Followers

Once you purchase Instagram followers, you’re not done. While this will give you a great head start, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Here are a few rules to abide by.

Engage with Others in Your Niche

Don’t just sit around waiting for people to engage with your content. Make it a priority to engage with others in your niche. Follow their profiles (they’ll sometimes follow back), like their photos, and leave comments.

If you can add insight and authority to the comment, even better. This will inspire others who read your comment to check out your profile.

Make Sure to Use Hashtags

It’s good to make up your own hashtag that associates with your brand. Use this in all of your posts, along with popular hashtags (that aren’t watered down).

The hashtags should be specific, so it’s low-competition. If too many people are using it, then it’ll make it difficult for users following those hashtags to find your content. Using a hashtag generator will be beneficial.

Share Instagram Stories

Photos and memes are great. But what connects people with people is video. What makes Instagram stories effective is that it plays on the user’s FOMO.

The content only lasts for 24 hours, so it demands quick action to view it before it disappears.

Grow your Instagram using hashtags to increase your exposure! (Advanced technique)

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