Fiberglass is a manmade product, which comes in use since the 1930s for filtration and insulation. Whereas, in modern times, bathtubs, shower stalls, boat hulls, kayaks, and lots of other objects contain fiberglass. Tiny fibers work their way into the skin of your hands and arms, when you saw, trim, or handle fiberglass. It creates an irritating itch.

How to remove fiberglass from skin is the most common question of those who work in a field where fiberglass is made or things in which fiberglass is used.

how to remove fiberglass from skin

It is thin strands made up of glass blend in with other material like wool. The human eye cannot see these strands because they are so thin. It is preferred to wear long pants, boots, full sleeves, and heavy-duty gloves while working with fiberglass. However, even when you are wearing gloves, you can experience fiberglass stuck into the skin of the hands. 

How Would You Know If You have Fiberglass in Your Skin?

If you are working with fiberglass, then you must be known to its hazards. However, if you are not familiar with it, and some pieces get stuck in your skin, then you will feel irritation and itching under your skin. Anyone who deals with fiberglass insulation can experience an allergy, which is called dermatitis. You may feel itching, but allergy will not show its signs right away. Symptoms of allergy will be visible after 12-72 hours of exposure. The symptoms may vary individual to individual, and some people can have breathing issues, and some might have signs range from mild to severe and last for around 2-4 weeks.

How to Remove Fiberglass from Skin

how to remove fiberglass from skin

With the help of some methods, you can remove fiberglass from your skin. Here are a few effective ways:

Cold Shower Wash

Try to wash away the fiberglass from the top layer of the skin. For this purpose, take a cold shower bath for 5 minutes, and it will wash off fiberglass insulation from the top layer of the skin. Moreover, all the skin pores will be closed with the cold water, and it prevents that fiberglass from going inside the skin. At the next step, take a shower with warm water for at least 3 minutes. It will open up the skin pores as well as eliminate any piece of fiberglass present.  

Epsom Salt

To get fiberglass out of your skin, you can use Epsom salt. Take a cup of Epsom salt to add it to a bowl of boiling water for the remedy. Let the salt dissolve totally. Mix the prepared solution with the warm bathing water. Take a bath with this water, or alternatively, you can dip the affected area in the water. This is how to remove fiberglass from skin. Besides it also helps you get rid of fiberglass itch and rash. Take a shower with cold water after removing the fiberglass.  

Use Nylon Stockings

It is one of the best remedies for how to remove fiberglass from skin. First, take a shower with warm water, and it will open up the skin pores. Next, scrape the affected area with nylon material gently. With nylon material start rubbing as it can hold the fiberglass and thus consequently remove them from the skin. Apply baby oil or a thick lotion to the affected area, and it will soother the affected area, which might have become red due to scrapping.

Final Thoughts

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