How to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do

Sarah Knight

Book Review

Known as the “Anti-Guru” by the Observer and A ‘Genius’ by Vogue, Sarah Knight hits the nail on the head with Get Your Sh*t Together.

Sarah Knights’ second release ‘self-help book’: Get Your Shi*t Together is straight to the point much like the title. Her first release: The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k allowed readers to care less about the things that make us unhappy and other people’s opinions.

Knight summarises 3 personalities and relates them to the brothers from Alvin and the Chipmunks. A motivated strategist who works their ass off, Simon. A Cruiser but unable to kick it into a higher gear, Alvin. Lastly, a relatively hopeless, Theodore. Simply putting it, she teaches acknowledgement of your personality and how to utilise it or improve it to get your sh*t together.

Relating to the audience is one of Knights specialities and she does it with the chipmunk analogy and her GYST (Get Your Sh*t Together) theory. The GYST theory couples a physical object with a mental attribute. Keys = Strategy, Phone = Focus and Wallet = Commitment. These constant reminders encourage Sh*t togetherness – Never leaving the house without these items (and metaphorical items) probably means you have your sh*t together more than the majority of the world.

Getting your shit together is tough at the best of times. The author combats this general perception with sharing her story of moving to the jungle in Dominica, an island in the west indies. Getting her life together involved a dramatic change which allowed a clear head and fresh start. Writing became the only self help she needed to get into the right headspace and own her sh*% to become one of the authors featured on New York Best Sellers List

Not to say Sarah knight wasn’t successful before moving to Dominica, before becoming an author she spent fifteen years as a New York Publisher, in one of the top publishing houses –  only after graduating Harvard University with Honours. As many people can relate, during the mid life period people take a step back to look at their position in life. Are you happy? Is what you’re devoting your life to fulfilling your dreams and desires? If not, this book may just inspire you to take a look.

2019 is a new era, where doing what you want is praised more than doing what is expected of you – no matter the income. Sarah lives up to her title of ‘anti guru’ by opposing the status quo and sending a message people of all ages to follow whatever road they want. Not only is Get your Sh*t together a highly recommended book by your discover lab, but we have so much respect for the author and her message.

A book of High Recommendation by your discover lab!

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