It has been said that Stephen King fans would read his laundry list if there was nothing else to consume by him. Luckily, he keeps publishing books long after other authors probably would’ve retired. Gwendy’s Button Box was a joint effort with Richard Chizmar, and it takes place in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, which has been a locale in many Stephen King novels as well as a new Hulu series. So, how does this Stephen King novel stack up to the rest of his work? That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in this Gwendy’s button box review.

This is not a full novel, but it is a long enough novella to sink your teeth into. This starts with the story object; the aforementioned button box which was given to Gwendy Peterson by a mysterious man named Richard Ferris. This is an unusual event in the first place, but what is even more unusual is just how dangerous this box is and his motivation for giving it to a child. There seems to be no limit to the power of the box which is covered in buttons; including one black button that would seem to start the doomsday machine and end the world. In addition, the box has the ability to alter the lives of people near it. There are also other colored buttons that seem to correspond with specific continents on the planet.

gwendy's button box review

But this girl, who is 12 years old when the story begins in 1974, is the main story while the box is secondary. Gwendy has a problem with her weight as well as all of the other problems that adolescents face growing up. If you are familiar with Stephen King’s other works such as “It” and “The Body,” then you already know how skilled Stephen King is at telling a story from a child’s point of view. This is definitely no exception as the girl that is the protagonist of this novel grows up into an adult and matures in a natural and compelling way that only King could manage.

Obviously, no one wants a book review to spoil the end of the book, so you will have to read it to find out what eventually happens to Gwendy, Richard Ferris and the mysterious black box with all the buttons. However, this is a great read that is up to the standards of any other Stephen King novel. Often, you can tell when King combines his talents with another writer. However, this is in the classic style of Stephen King with only a hint of the secondary author. It is available now through Amazon and other retailers in hardcover, paperback, Kindle edition, Audible audio book edition and audio CD.

If you love the town of Castle Rock and all the characters that populate it, then you are definitely going to love this read. It is set in the same time period as some of the other novels that King has set in that particular locale, so you are sure to run into a few characters that you recognize.

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