Curse of Strahd Review shows that this is an awful adventurous book and one of my most favorite ones. The book consists of 256 silky pages in hard-copy and is a very colorful pictorial book; painted with the various colorful pictures of scenes, maps, villages, castles, characters witches and holy signs and symbols, and much more.

The story of this adventurous book is terrifying as it deals with Gothic horror and sees the struggle of the characters against the cursed realm. They want to get freedom from the cursed land.


Curse of Strahd review explains that it is presented with high-quality maps that guide the readers throughout the fantasy journey. People are so obsessed with the maps that they have uploaded the rectified editions of the maps to various sites so that other fans could get access to them. Due to cross-referencing and attractive illustration, it is a must-read for all adventure lovers. 

Strahd is a complete inspiration of classic adventure “Ravenloft.” But the Curse of Strahd stands individually, and it is not a true copy of Ravenloft. Curse of Strahd review tells about the similarity of Ravenloft show, in which the mysterious scenes make Curse Strahd unique and awe-inspiring. Although many of the places look very ordinary appearance, a deep observation reveals that they are gruesome.

curse of strahd review

Characters of the Story

Barovia and the characters are dreadfully horrible, and the readers cannot remove them from their minds for a long period. The narrative style of the book also makes it different from ancient books of adventure. The players can easily find locations but find nothing. A single strong villain with human passion is another necessary element that creates clear discrimination between Curse of Strahd and Ravenloft. Strahd is a complex character; he himself invites players to his Castle or at different other places to make fun with them. This creates a charismatic situation to interrupt the actions of the players.

Curse of Strahd review focuses on the plot when you start playing the game by applying Tarokka deck traditional rules. Although, Tarokka deck does not make it unique. Thus, the players cannot accomplish the task of ending the game any sooner. Tarokka deck is in black and white color. If you want to play the game, you should buy the deck to relish the colorful game. The real color of the card game is black and white, which seems ugly.

A Death House

The introductory adventure of Death House has many twists that keep the readers engaged. Whoever wants to live in a death house would have to visit the Forgotten Realms. Various have come out alive from the dark dungeons of forgotten islands; however, many have been declared as dead due to the brutal outcomes of death house. 

Village Barovia

On the other hand, Vistani prophesiers are free from mortal law of gender, and they are multi-colored characters. Tarokka deck looks gloomy due to its sad and somber colors; black and white. This sullen color combination seems very odd, and they must be in bright colors. Here I like to add a point that the presentation of Tarokka card game makes it interesting. Tarokka fortune-teller prefigures the plot though, and it does not create any stronger effect on the game.

Curse of Strahd review tells that the book shows the village of Barovia as a haunted place where a haunted hag strides in the streets when darkness prevails over the village, and he seeks the blood of children. And a mad priest confines his bloodthirsty son under a broken Cathedral.   

curse of strahd review

Yester Hill

Curse of Strahd review shows that there are some berserkers and evil druids that worship the Strahd. They are specifically mentioned in the Wizard of Wines chapter, and Yester Hill is their home. The outlook of yester hill is a bit annoying, and it always reeks with the stinking smell. Generally, Yester Hill contains two remarkable things:

  • The Druid forces involved in taking out the Wizard of Wines A horrible mirage that tells the players with a glimpse of how horrific Barovia is for Strahd
Yester Hill

The encounter of players with a group of gypsies and a prophesier creates a horrible scene, especially when they know about the history of Barovia and the fortune of characters. The entry of ghosts, werewolf, and strahd create a frightful situation. Thus, the players pay many visits to the castle in fit of fear.

Tarokka Element

Curse of Strahd provides a rough framework for the things that might happen in the future. The Tarokka element means that there are a lot of ways to conquer the areas. Readers can quickly return to previous areas to explore new things. Strahd is a mysterious yet exciting character that can approach anyone in different ways. You definitely need to visit the land of Ravenloft through Tarokka to make more discoveries.

The Ruins of Berez

Berez is the name of a town that suffered the calamity of Strahd in the past. It is now considered as haunted and bug-infested place. This place is also famous because of a fascinating encounter between Baba Lysaga and a Witchy Hunt monster. Baba Lysaga has a tree stump that crawls here and there like a spider. Baba Lysaga’s skull is filled with a hill giant that looks horrible even from a far distance. 

The Ruins of Berez

There is also a precious treasure hidden in this town that is the primary cause of all the altercations. Many people have gone to this place to find the hidden treasure, but all of them have become the victim of bloody encounters.

In short, I would like to give my viewpoint about the book. According to Curse of Strahd review, it is an awful adventurous book. It captures the reader’s whole attention. So, why don’t you just give it a try?

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