Language learning is a complex phenomenon for middle and secondary level students. Daily Language Review for Grade 6 is the most accurate one for students to acquire skills in the targeted language. Thirty-six weeks of the book facilitates the students to achieve the goal of acquiring the skill in the targeted language.

On regular basis, four lessons of grade six enlighten the mind of the students and encourage them to do practice as each lesson takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes. However, at the other hand, the Teacher’s Edition of Evan-Moor’s Daily Language Review for Grade 6 is helpful to check the answer keys.

Daily Language Review for Grade 6 enhances the vocabulary of the students, thus, it builds confidence in them. The book enables them to write and speak without any hesitation.

Evan Moor’s Daily Language Review Workbook

Evan-Moor’s Daily Language Review Workbook for grade 6 offers five parts for daily learning during 36 weeks of school duration. Book consists of 112 pages; all of the pages are extremely helpful for the students as it goes step-by-step to make them learn in a most convenient way. Students can enhance their language skills, such as grammar, sentence structure, use of vocabulary, punctuation and much more. Even-Moor’s Daily Language also provides ample guidance for teachers. 

Daily Language Review for Grade 6 is updated to the modern standard of the current education standard. Students learn and practice the skills of language with great ability. The book covers almost all mandatory areas of acquiring language skills, i.e., punctuation marks, forms of the verb, tenses, conjunctions, parts of speech, meanings of difficult words and they also acquire reading skills during their daily class timing.

daily language review

Functions of the Book

Daily Language Review for Grade 6 helps the students to dolearning practice of language skills; it mainly focuses on students learning abilities of the target language.

The book has been divided in chapters, so the students could learn gradually and properly without feeling exhausted and confused. They learn their lesson according to the daily plan as even no teacher or anyone else can force them to read more than their capacity because the qualified scholars and researchers have designed the book as per their experience to offer the best to the Grade 6 students.

Teachers simply follow the rules of the book or the way the book is divided in pages as by default, according to the author of the book. The book covers thirty-six weeks of the year, which is the approximate time duration for a student to cover the whole year.

36 Weeks Daily Practice

Daily language review grade 6 covers grammar and its usage that includes punctuation marks, spelling, vocabulary, words meanings, genders and proper usage of acquired vocabulary along with all aspects of grammar.

First, four days of the book cover initial parts of the target language and provides specific exercises, which includes sentence structure, language practice, and vocabulary improvement. On the fifth day, students use the words in their own sentences, as according to the exercises given for their practice. Thus, they learn to use words through activities and lectures.

Benefits: Daily Language Review Grade 6

  • Short lessons on a daily basis are easy for students to acquire and practice. They learn their lesson happily and prepare for the test.
  • The regular practice enables the students to be able to do brainstorming with each coming day.
  • Parents also have to involve in the school activities of their children.

Bottom Line

Daily scores of learning vocabulary that is shown on the classroom’s chart helps and motivates students to enhance their vocabulary. The purpose of Daily Language Review is to make sure that the students of grade six become confident speaker in the target language and there the goal is achieved.

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