The Great Alone Book Review: It seems a wonderful novel written by Kristin Hanna. The story of the book takes place in the Wilds of Alaska; it elaborates the story of an American family tested beyond forbearance. The novel story revolves around a teenage girl named Leni Albright who travels with her family to the remote wilderness area of Alaska in the 1970s. Her father thinks differently and decides to live a life with his family in seclusion far away from society. However, son Leni discovers that their isolation from the society and challenge of living in such a remote area and the long dark nights ultimately resumed her father’s devil.

The Great Alone Book Review

The Great Alone Book review shows that the writer definitely has highlighted the beauty of nature of Alaskan that compels its readers to visit the area. However, there is much more for the amusement that raises the interest of the readers. And they read the novel to the last without having a feeling of exhaustion.

The little girl, Leni got the chance of reading books and all the articles, as she had never been mentally prepared to live in the beauty of Alaska. To somehow it was magical in its huge and capacious expanse, a matchless landscape of soaring glacier replete with the White Mountains that touch the horizon, knife-tip pointed high towards the clouds, blue sky. Beautiful birds float in the air diving deep and fluttering on the wind effortlessly. The atmosphere is smelled salty and moist.

Use of Phrases

Reading the novel, the Great Alone Book review explains that readers can enjoy the beautiful use of phrases by the author. For example, ‘Alaska herself can be Sleeping Beauty on a minute and a bitch with the sawed-off shotgun the next.’ The family made a great effort to transform an unkempt broken house into a worth living home so to survive in the harsh northern winter. The struggle of the family really plays the role of motivation for its young readers. In fact, that is the beauty of the story; the author’s quality of motivating her readers for the positive action cannot be denied; instead, it must be appreciated.

Except for the character of Leni, all the other characters are passive and flat; the author has painted typical characters who do not progress with the course of the novel. They are as typical as many of the other flat characters who we come across in literature.

The Great Alone Book review explains that the plot of the novel is irregular and bumpy, and it takes a sudden twist that seems odd and credulous. At the beginning of the book the author tries to create charm in the story as she introduces a boy off, but later on, he disappears. Thus the epilogue of the novel seems un-developed and somehow incomplete.

Bottom Line

Despite the fact of some technical writing flaws, the readers enjoyed a lot the story of The Great Alone Book review, written by Kristin Hanna. Its story is unique and beautiful; it deals with the treatment of war veterans and the tension between modernism and traditions. The Great Alone is the story that will reign over the hearts and minds of the readers for a long time. Readers become deeply involved in the story of the novel, and they try to discover themselves in the characters. The sunlight of Alaska is symbolic in the story. Love and life both are hazardous in the book. Readers truly absorb themselves in the story.

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