After reading such a marvelous book named “Make Your Bed,” I have decided to write a review about it as it is an autobiographical book, written by Admiral William H.McRaven ( U.S Navy Retired). He had been rendering his services as a Navy SEAL for thirty-five years. He served as a Commander, holding Four-Stars, of all U.S Special Operations Forces. Make Your Bed is based upon the lectures delivered by William Admeral H. McRaven in the University of Texas for graduating class on April 4, 2017.

According to Make your bed book review, it shows that in this book, he has shared his life experiences and elaborated the ways to become a great leader. He had described at least ten most valuable points, which he had learned from his practical life, particularly, when he had to encounter various dangers and troubles during his SEAL training. This book has a force to alter the lifestyle of the readers by affecting their mind and soul. However, McRaven’s book is quite relevant and purposeful for teaching the lesson to people on how to deal with daily life challenges and the problems of leadership.

Make Your Bed Book Review

First Lesson

In the very first lesson, McRaven suggests people to make bed early in the morning. Making bed is the first-morning task, which you need to accomplish early in the morning. He says that the accomplishment of the early task really gives you a sense of success and you feel fresh for the rest of the day.

Second Lesson

Lesson Two of the book delivers a marvelous message. In this lesson, McRaven says, “Find someone to help your paddle.” He says that in the cage of our ego, we remain restricted and shy. That is the reason we avoid to ask any assistance from others who are more expert and experienced than us. He advises us, emphatically, to take help from others so that we could learn more and succeed to achieve our goals.

Third Lesson

Another pragmatic message he gives us through his book “Make Bed” is highly beneficial. In chapter 3, he says that you should not judge a person’s capability by his/her outward appearance. It is more accurate to judge someone’s capability through his or her passion, dedication, determination and sincerity.

4th, 5th, & 6th Lesson

In lesson 4, 5 and 6, Make your bed book review highlights, that life is not simple. It is tricky and full of struggles. He says that failure is also a part of life; thus, we must not be afraid of failure. We can learn a better lesson through failure.

Seventh Lesson

In chapter 7, he emphasizes courage; and says that leaders must be bold and brave to face any challenge of life. They must be prepared to cope with hardships.

make your bed book review

Eighth Lesson

McRaven advises in chapter 8 to pluck out the plant of fear from the heart. He encourages us to remain steadfast through thick and thin and focusing on our mission.

Ninth Lesson

Chapter 9 is totally based upon heart rendering experience during SEAL training when the team had been enforced to stand neck deep in cold mud for several hours without provision of food and drink. Shortly, the team starts singing in such a critical situation instead of losing heart. The author conveys a message that sometimes a leader needs to create a thrill (by beating the drum, singing songs or playing music) in the team to arouse their courage.

Tenth Lesson

In chapter 10, McRaven says that one should never surrender. Stick firmly to your mission/goal. One day you will be among the leading personalities of the world. Make Your Bed book review shows that this book is really thought-provoking and it leads the people to change their life by completing trivial tasks of their day-to-day life. Pragmatic and pithy sentences full of wisdom have the potential to change the life of readers.


I love this book very much as it really is a thought-provoking and inspiring one. When I started reading its text, I was spellbound and decided to write its review. Dear readers, I’d like to suggest you read this book if you really want to improve the present position of your life and see your future bright.

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