More than one writer has written on the same topic with different subjects. Movies and novels are available with different matter and themes. Fling means a ‘short term pleasure’ in the literary term. In this article, I am going to present Fling review that is about the novella written by Jana Aston. A short novella by Jana Aston, which is one of the easy-to-read books and through which, readers would discover a new world containing interesting facts. Fling Review shows the novel has a series of wonderful burning scenes that can arise feelings of the people whoever reads it. Basically, it is the story of only two major characters, Sandra and Gabe. The novella presents a long-ago story that can be understood easily.

Fling Review: Outline

In this novel, Sandra is an executive assistant of a company named ‘Clemens Corporation of Sawyer Camden’. She is not only a prettiest charming girl, but she is also a hardworking employee of the company. Her boss relies on her sincerity. She loves her work, but soon she falls in love with Gabe Laurent who is the best friend of her boss. Gabe is a handsome CFO and co-partner of Clemens Corporation. She wants to meet him in isolation but fails to get any chance. Later on, Gabe also desires to meet this attractive girl in private time, thus he starts following her on the social network because it is not possible during their work time. Jana has created beautifully romantic scenes in the novella.

The author does not ignore the importance of sex in a human’s life and describes sexy scenes in the novella to entertain readers. For the lovers of romantic scenes, this novel is quite appropriate. The novella Fling review shows that it is studded with the jewel of humour, sex, romance, and charm. Thus, its characters are not grave; they are funny and sexy as well. With the technique of art of characterization, Aston has made this novella pure entertainment for the readers. She has not followed the old techniques of the novel but has introduced a unique and new style of the novella. All her work is worth reading as she gives an epilogue of the story so the reader could easily grab the subject and theme of the story.

fling review

Fling review shows that in the plot of the novel, Sandra is a girl who is in search of a boyfriend and she falls in love with Gabe. However, she is status conscious and assumes that Gabe will never be interested in her. On the other side, Gabe also loves Sandra but he thinks the same about Sandra. He also hesitates to flirt with her. Gabe who is the best friend of Sawyer and co-partner is flirty by nature. Thus, in the course of a fling between Sandra and Gabe, you can’t control your burst of laughter. It is really interesting and full of fun novella.

The most interesting thing about this novella is that Gabe and Sandra have the same chemistry with each other. They both love each other but avoid confessing their love. Now you’re aware of it, so how about just grabbing its copy and read it?

Bottom Line

If you have no access or funds to purchase the book, then you can simply download it by browsing’ Fling by Jana Aston’ online, as a great number of content is available on the internet about the topic of ‘Fling’. Nowadays, people could get access to more and more reading materials online with a number of e-books on the internet. Therefore, you can search a vast reading material on the internet without spending much amount of money on purchasing because many items are available free at many platforms.

Happy reading!

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