“Trade Like Chuck” is available in the form of book and DVD, and is written by Chuck Hughes, an American author. Now the question arises in the mind whether one should buy this book or not? Whether it would be helpful for the readers or not? You must have read an article in which I have suggested you a book “The Credit Secret” written by a couple, Scott and Hilton, to improve credit and omit debts. Now I am referring another book “Trade Like Chuck.”

Trade Like Chuck Review

In this Trade Like Chuck review, you will get the idea to decide if you want to begin your own business or trade. You must read this book or watch the DVD because it would surely help you to grow your business/ trade at a higher level right from the beginning. My curiosity compelled me to read Trade Like Chuck. I was curious to know about the success of Chuck Hughes, whose trade marketing flourished within no period.

Trade Like Chuck helps the traders to produce income from the market and to prove their worth in today’s competitive market by managing the great trades. It guides the traders to choose the best appliances, assets, and the right ways to develop their trades.

Trade Like Chuck Review shows how the book, in the chaotic situation of the market, leads the traders on how to protect their investment and scenarios. The book also guides how to earn from the investment without selling so many items.  The book and DVD of Trade like Chuck train the traders to get a hold on their regular trading within a short span of time regardless of having an internet connection.

trade like chuck review

The other most important thing that Chuck Hughes teaches through his book and DVD is to ‘save something for old age’. No one can deny the reality of the crucial period of life (old age) when a man has to rely upon others. According to Shakespeare, a man enters into seven stages of life. Chuck does not forget this age, and he has suggested making savings for that helpless age.

Chuck Hughes’ Struggle for Life

Like that of Scott and Hilton, Chuck Hughes has had to face a tough time in his life and explored the way of living a successful life. He was a pilot by profession, but he started to live worriedly thinking about his retirement. Finally, he began his journey in the field of trade to feed his family well. He started his trade only with $4600, and just after two years, he achieved his first goal of turning his money into 460,000$. Since then he is working hard and earning a lot of money.

Today he is considered amongst the best traders in the world. Chuck Hughes has decided to share trading policies with the public by writing a book. Traders should read back and forth of the book and listen to the DVD carefully if they are interested to become successful traders.

Trade Like Chuck review reveals that the book guidance is also available on the internet. However, you can download a book and DVD on the internet in the form of E-Book (PDF).

Goal to Create Successful Traders

Chuck Hughes has set a goal to create successful traders. Trade like Chuck review shows the only aim of the author, and that is to convert all the traders into successful traders; so they can rein the world and support their families financially by earning maximum money.  He has taught us all the strategies and methodologies that he experienced to profit in the recent market conditions. Chuck has introduced all new materials used in gaining profit in trading. He has also taught new methodologies for gaining profit in Volatile and non-trending markets. Chuck Hughes is the only trader who knows the uses of this methodology.

Trade like Chuck review
  • The options income strategy is also 3 Program Overview
  • Trade Selection Process
  • A Great Timing Indicator
  • Short Positions
  • Option Income Strategy
  • The Ideal Strategy for Volatile Markets
  • The Wealth Building Formula 4 Trade Selection Process 5 Trade Selection Process
  • Use trend following systems to determine price trend
  • High Accuracy Option Trading
  • Use trend confirmation indicators to confirm the trend
  • Use Keltner Channels to select entry point 6 Trend Following Systems

Tricks for the Business Development

Though Chuck Hughes has been trying various methods and techniques for the development of his business, he found the following two methods more effective.

  • First, he has been applying trend following strategies for more than 25 years.
  • Second, when the price trend is up, he purchases, and when the price trend is down, he sells short.

Although this concept seems to be very ordinary, it really works. It is much better to follow the trends rather than trying to foretell it.

Trade Like Chuck review also shows that the author has not hesitated to share his good as well as bad experience of life in the book.  He has described his trading based experience that foretelling the future is the biggest mistake before starting trade for any trader. He admitted that man is blind to see his future so he must not predict. However, he recommended some tips as under.

  • It is better to let the price trend of the market tell when you should buy or sell.
  • Trend following systems gives you a rule-based systematic approach to trading.

 I also developed money management systems used in conjunction with trend following that allowed me to control risk and manage losses and profits.

A Trend Following System is Your Guideline to Trading Success

Trade like Chuck reviews trend following system combined with money management discipline. A robust and systematic approach allows you to manage risk and produce consistent returns.  In order to make real money in the market, you don’t bother for knowing why a stock price rises or falls, you must know in advance, which way it’s most likely to go.  If you can quantitatively measure the price trend of a stock, then you will know in advance whether the price is expected to hike or decline. The amount of a stock reflects all of the known information about a company.

trade like chuck review

A Friendly Method for Pursuing the Current Price Trend of a Stock

Moving averages are a friendly method for pursuing the current price trend of a stock and allow us to ‘trade with the price trend’ instead of trying to predict the future price movement of a stock.

Chuck Hughes has used two different moving average trends following systems relying on trade length. For example: for short to long-term trade of one to six months, he applied the crossover of the fifty days and hundred days Exponential Moving Averages. And for longer term trade of larger than six months, he applied crossover of the one -Month price and twenty months Exponential Moving Average, which is called a significant trend system.


According to the Trade like Chuck review, it is proved that this book is friendly and useful for the people if they read it out. Mainly it is beneficial for those who tend to initiate a trade/ business. After reading this book, you can trade like Chuck as it is clear from its title’s name.

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