Boston is a famous city in America and is called the city of students because it is the cheapest place to visit. It provides a lot of things free of cost. You can enjoy plenty of free fun things to do in Boston whenever you travel to Boston.  Following is the list of things to do in Boston:

Free Eating in Quincy Market

Everyone can eat in Quincy Market free of cost. The meal is free in Faneuil Hall, which is famous for its historical background. Since the 1740s, it has been the meeting place for many political leaders, who have been delivering their speeches before the Revolutionary War. People enjoy after that meal as they walk around and look at all the historical things.

Tour the Historical Site

People are free to visit Boston’s historical place, known as “The Freedom Trail.” All history about Boston has been prescribed on its walls.

Central Park

Central Park is the best place to enjoy without spending a dime. Even in summers, people can enjoy Shakespearean’s plays. This park was established in 1634 and is considered the oldest park in the city.

Hatch Shell

This is the most beautiful place to go and get relaxed. Mostly, artists conduct their shows at the Hatch Shell. It was built in 1928. Movies are shown for free at the Hatch Shell.

Free Fun Things to Do in Boston

Castle Island

Castle Island is another well-known place. It is situated in South Boston. It is particularly famous because of the fort. The Castle is a pretty picnic place for people. Mostly, on school trips, students visit this place during summers and weekends. It is visited by a lot of people on Holidays and Weekends.

Travel to Harvard

Harvard is a modern university in America. It was established in 1636. You can visit Harvard University and walk around to know more about it as it is the historical place.

Travel to Brewery

 A visit to Brewery is free of cost. If you are interested to know about the manufacturing of beer and the history of Brewery, you should travel at this place because Sam Adams and founding father Samuel Adams offer free travel tickets to people.

Besides these places, you can travel to many other best sites for free things to do in Boston, such as Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts State House, Bunker Hill Mountains, USS Constitution and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Beacon Hill.

Free Fun Things to Do in Boston

Institute of Contemporary Art

This contemporary art gallery is free to visit on Thursdays from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Commonwealth Museum

This museum is free to visit every day.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

This natural, historical museum has exhibitions; showcasing dinosaurs, animals, and minerals. It is free for the residents of Massachusetts and Bank of America customers to visit the place any time.

Harvard University Art Museums

Harvard University art museums exhibit both modern and historical art. These museums are free to visit on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm.

The Lawn on D

The Lawn on D seems a newly established green space where you can enjoy free games and art exhibitions.

Blue Hills

Blue Hills is a worth seeing place and is the best place to enjoy. You will enjoy here a lot because there are plenty of activities for the entertainment of the visitors.

It is clear that Boston offers free travel to museums and art galleries. It also offers free walking tours throughout many different places in the city. Traveling to the town of a plethora of food, wine, and historical tours, those are free from Foot and Strawberry. Only you will have to pay the tip to the guide.


Boston is the cheapest place to travel as it offers much free stuff for visitors. You have options for free fun things to do in Boston as if you are interested in history, you should visit that enchanted place. Boston is an economical place to visit, as there are plenty of free fun things to do in Boston.

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