How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety and Eliminate Negative Thinking

By S.J. Scott & Barrie Davenport

Declutter Your Mind Book Review

Self-Help Book: Declutter Your Mind book review introduces strategies to diminish the thoughts and occurrences that take up mental space. Over-thinking, negative thoughts, stress, and worry are experienced on a daily basis – over-whelming daily stresses build to lack of confidence in potential, work performance, and relationships. What if there were ways to conquer self-doubt?

Decluttering your thoughts, life obligations, relationships, and surroundings are the four sections of specialty. While, promoting a journey of self-discovery through core value identification, tips on how to embrace calmness through deep breathing exercises, meditation and acknowledgment that a lot of the things that overwhelm us, don’t deserve a place among your mental shelves.

declutter your mind book review

Declutter your mind book review also shows that it encourages acceptance of weakness and helps formulate these into strengths. Similarly, how do I stop getting mad quickly? Is there any way to build confidence? How do I find myself? The first step is acceptance, then applying the self-help methods such as; Gratitude, Awareness, and Discipline. Then you can find yourself not caring about judgment, being more responsible with your emotions, and not procrastinating.

Today, when I decided to write a review of ‘Declutter your mind book’ by S J Scott and Barrie Davenport, I really got stuck. This book worked like magic on me, and I started thinking about improving my inner qualities by overpowering vain ideas and clutter of my mind.

Declutter your mind book reviews how to overcome if you are worried about negative thoughts that have captured your mind and brain. The book suggests some tips that are helpful to Declutter your worries, vain ideas, and negative thinking from your mind with the little effort.

declutter your mind book review

Decluttering the Thoughts is a Healthy Practice

If you are worried for negative thoughts blanket your mind or you discover yourself reliving painful past incidents in an unending loop but would like to get a hold of what you think of or to stop those replays, then this book will be a transcendent help! The book suggests that by studying mindfulness, it is likely to Declutter your mind, command the ideas in our minds, and live in the moment.

It is natural, and our mind so often gets cluttered with a host of ideas, and many of them are not positive indeed. However, these negative thoughts make our activity slow and inactive, and we cannot make progress in life as much as we want to make.

The book suggests its readers be focused on one targeted point/ goal and erase all unhealthy or negative thoughts from your brain. If a person’s mind remains occupied by vain and negative thoughts, he can never achieve his goal. However, it is necessary to concentrate only on your set goal. Don’t bother to do many things at the same time. If you do so, it may harm your mental ability to win your objective. In order to succeed in your goal, you must be focused on your targeted goal.

So, we need to Declutter thoughts, and after decluttering thoughts, it is time to concentrate on our life responsibilities, which is the second part of the book.

Life Priorities

Declutter, your mind book review, tells us the importance of life priorities. Read the list below:

  • Career
  • Family
  • Marriage or similar partnership
  • Personal growth or self-improvement
  • Leisure
  • Life management (financial planning, house tasks, etc)
  • Health and fitness


Hi, dear readers, I would like to recommend you to read this book at least once in life. It is a life-changing book. After reading this compelling book, you will become able to overpower the negative thoughts hovering over your head and cling to your brain. I am pretty much sure that you will read this book and feel a significant change in yourself.

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