Are you conscious about your looks? Are you continually doing workouts but not getting your desired results? How many exercises per workout do you have?

Commonly, it is believed that a great number of exercises needed to see enhancement. However, you can make progressive improvements in any number of exercises, so long as the common principles of success are applied. Whereas, according to your personal preferences, define how many exercises per workout you do. However, it varies from person to person, but fewer is better often. When you perform fewer exercises, it is harder to mess things up as well as it is easier to track and adjust your training as required. 

how many exercises per workout

As a teenager, if you don’t have proper guidance at first, you will do things yourself without any structure or plan (doing a bunch of exercises for 2-3 hours) then you won’t have any results. As time passes, you may get to know from the various resources the most fundamental rules of workout structures.

Remember doing workout for one body part at a time. When you are working for the leg, then stick to it and forget the shoulders. Don’t ever try to work out more than your body needs. It can never put you in shape; in fact, you can become exhausted with disappointing results. Make sure to count on how many exercises per workout you need to do.

How Many Exercises Per Workout?

Getting interested in powerlifting or push-ups would really make a considerable change. When you are doing only one workout, that is enough, then don’t apply so many exercises at once. You will simply see the day-to-day linear progression that results in your workout.  If you maintain this flow, you will see not only strength but also muscle gains picking up the pace. You will be surprised to see great results with only a few exercises. With all my experience as a coach, I can surely say one thing that fewer exercises are much better than a bunch of heavy exercises.

how many exercises per workout

Scientific Evidence for How Many Exercises Per Workout You Need

Scientifically, it is also verified by studies, as James Krieger found more sets in a workout that are typically linked with greater results in both size and strength.

These studies also reveal the effects of withdrawing returns – succeeding sets of the same practice in the alike workout are less and less efficient at providing further gains. It shows that sometimes it is smarter to focus on training rather than longer training per session. A fewer number of exercises is great instead of getting into the messy routine of doing exercises without any proper plan.

To find out your recovery limits, you need to add sets. If you start off with 1 set or exercise and add 1 set each time you do that workout, then you will swiftly find a dropoff point, which is generally between 4-6 sets per exercise. Once you reach this point, your struggle is completed with the desired number of reps per set.

Basically, you will not find any hard and fast rules about how many exercises per workout you need to do; however, one should stay in limits. As focusing on the major movements such as bench, squat, row, overhead is going to tough for a few sets as in 3-5, followed by one or two adjunct exercises for three sets each, which is more than enough.

General Strength and Size Workout

While working for strength, generally you need to focus on progression within the 3-6 rep range. On the other hand, while working for the size, you basically need to focus on progression within the 8-15 rep range. Try to find something like this:

how many exercises per workout

Back Day

  • Overhead Press Variation 3 sets
  • Row Variation 3-5 sets
  • Pulldown, Row, or Reverse Fly Variation 3 sets
  • Optional arm, calves, or traps work

Obviously, you may create changes to these schedules according to your requirements. Individuals who hide their body parts or weakness, workout for these muscle groups must take up a 4th to 5th groove during exercise.

Each body part requires a different type of sets per part and other aspects to set according to your body type. Therefore, the requirement of the ideal exercise according to body parts are given below, and you must continually see what works for you and accordingly make variations.

  1. Legs: 18 to 20 sets, quads, hams, glutes, and calves, so about five exercises.
  2. Shoulders: 15 to 18, sets about four exercises.
  3. Chest: 15 to 18 sets about four exercises.
  4. Back: 15 to 18 sets about four exercises.
  5. Biceps: 12 to 14 sets about 3 to four exercises.
  6. Triceps: 13 to 15 sets about four exercises.
how many exercises per workout

Do not forget abs and forearms also and must reviewing every month how many exercises per workout are essentially required for your body.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, it is seen that people suggest doing workout more and more, because a smaller number of exercises don’t show desired results. However, it is not the reality, the more you get yourself into the mess of heavy workout routine the chances are more you will not get desired results.

A precise answer to “How many exercises per workout do you exactly need?” is you can do as little as two exercises per workout for effective strength gain.

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