As you have already passed by and went through some of the wonderful book reviews here. This time you are going to read “A Man Called Ove book review” to find out what it is about and whether it is worth or not. Fredrick Backman, who was known as a Swedish columnist and blogger, is the author of this book. His character as ‘Ove’ first emerged on the author’s blog. Over 1000s of readers voted and after that, he decided to write a book about him, which is titled as “A Man Called Ove”.

When he was married successfully for 40 years, he was jobless and alone. Ove often asks a question to himself “What did they know about waking up on a Tuesday and no longer having a purpose?” Well, it was his wife Sonja, who always been there for him and protect him from the world.

However, is it right to blame him for that? Rather than the order and predictability that he was craving for? Ove was observing the surroundings that were something like, “A shed-load of men with elaborate beards, changing jobs and changing wives and changing their car makes. Just like that. Whenever they feel like it.”

a man called ove book review

A Man Called Ove Book Review

A Man Called Ove book review clearly shows that he (Ove) was so explicit and possibly, he has firm beliefs regarding rights and wrongs. His beliefs were whether the way coffee made or the brand of car to have is right or not. His wife loved colors, whereas Ove only uses black and white to see the word. The author of A Man Called Ove book has made a reasonable “voice” for his older age bad-tempered main character. Besides, he also works on the lens that a man may need to use while analyzing the world.

You must be surprised with one of the revelations of this book; Backman is only 33 as he described himself. He self-described as a “’college drop-out,” and he based the character of Ove. As you know Ove is 59, so as an older man, he would have been more authentic.

In this novel, you will get a taste of Swedish urban life, where you have excellent communication with your neighbor and give value to your community. However, changing beliefs and values are responsibly affected by changing the landscape. Ultimately, Ove is able to show the importance of standing by his son to a father. A Man Called Ove book review indicates that Backman had respected his elders and those who were skillful and had done hard work in their life.

The character of Ove gets into trouble as he had difficulty in interpreting the behavior of others. He makes us notice our judgments for others. Well, the book covers a dark subject, when Ove at times can see a way out of his loss and loneliness. Older people or even young ones who deal with some loss (maybe partner’ death) are in a real problem that often is remained unnoticed by others.

Bottom Line

Although, this book was a self-described book, whereas it is suitable for young adults or matured adults. Youth and aging is the theme of this book as A Man Called Ove book review clearly shows. So, it is worth giving a try to get to know how he went through all the trouble and how he faced it. It really contains real-life examples.

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