Outlanders book review shows that it is the bestselling book of New York Time, composed by Diana Gabaldon. This is a true story of adventure and epic of love. It deals with the true love story of an intelligent former nurse, Claire, and brave Jamie Fraser. Clair Randall, the protagonist of outlanders, is a British warfare previous nurse. Returning from the war, she goes to celebrate her second honeymoon with her husband in 1945.

Incidentally, she is a Sassenach, an outlander who lived in the previous century, 1743. Her life takes a drastic change as she has to face many challenges when she touched an ancient stone circle that looked like a British Isle. Her heart is broken and her life is in danger. Then, she meets James Fraser, who is a young enthusiastic warrior. He shows his love to her and ultimately Claire could not stop herself falling in love with him. She suffers in the conflict between love and fidelity, between entirely two different types of men; her husband and the man she fell in love with.

Dianna Gabaldon is the best storyteller. In her novel Outlanders, she has knitted together the historical expeditions of battlefield and sensitive issue of love, beautifully. Thus, her novel has become a story of common interest for youth, historians, politicians and warriors. Dianna Gabaldon is indeed a stupendous writer. She has successfully created very beautiful, memorable and unique characters in the novel.

The Series of Outlanders Book

The series of Outlanders book review tells that it surpassed in popularity. And the readers and audience are spellbound with brilliant Claire and brave Jamie; they seem much involved emotionally and enthusiastically with them. Outlanders is a series coping with multiple themes of love and dangers; how characters meet with a new challenge on every turn of life. It creates suspense and fear in the audience and readers. The ‘time travel is real’ in the story. Claire Randall magically falls from the twentieth century to the eighteenth century by touching a strange stone. This book reminds me a series of Alif Laila.

A really fantastic thing about Outlanders book is its theme of magic, the way Dianna has introduced magic in her story beautifully. The protagonist hails from a scientific world but she experiences a magical world in a century back after touching a quiver stone. The readers remain shocked when they read about the life of Claire in the way it is captured in the series of dangers. Over-sensitive readers cannot stop their tears while reading the first part of the story.

Claire meets accidentally with Scottish mobs and faces a host of problems. Later on, she falls in love with Jamie, thus, she was pretty much disturbed in conflict between devotion and affection. Dianna shows the complications in the course of love. The love story of Claire is complicated and full of adventure. She turns her feelings from her first husband, Frank, to the second, Jamie Farser.

outlanders book review

Political Situation

The author throws light on the political situation of England, France and Scotland that was in the eighteenth century. Those who are curious to know about the political position of those countries in eighteenth century, became familiar with that by reading the book.

Outlanders book reviews about the women’s power; as we see that the protagonist Claire comes across with various dangers but she overcomes one by one bravely. Clans wish to kill Claire considering her a witch but she survived and meets with a courageous young Jamie Farser. The author shows the greatness of women through her heroine Claire in the novel. Claire seems to be the mouthpiece of Dianna.


The series of Outlanders managing with multiple universal themes of life is a masterpiece of Dianna Gabaldon. That is one of my favorite books, and it will become yours favorite too when you’ll read it.

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