The way of kings is the best fantasy book written by Brandon Sanderson. The series of this epic consists of ten volume books. The book is creepy-type, which captures the attention of the readers, and they don’t like to close the book due to the imaginations they’re having as they read. Their curiosity and fear enhances with the changing environment of ‘the world of Roshar’.

The Way of Kings Review

The way of kings review shows that the story deals with three main characters particularly, the name of protagonists are: Kaladin, Dallinar and Shallan. All the characters tell their stories individually, they all have unique and interesting story. Thus, their stories unveil the background history of the world of Roshar. Their stories are quite mysterious and they have enough content to capture reader’s attention. In my opinion, this story needs a great attention of the readers and they are not to skip its lines so that they could grasp the whole gist of the story, as many truths reveal bit by bit. If you consider this book an expedition of disclosure, you won’t be wrong.

the way of kings

The writer beautifully creates the symmetry in the book. The early parts of the book are inter-linked with the hidden truth of the latter parts of the book as Kelsier’s often spoken dialogue “Every secret has a secret”.

Shard blade happens to unveil the hidden secret of all characters of The Way of Kings. Sanderson gradually reveals the truth as we see he applies the same technique in his other series of books, for instance, Mistborn series. The dialogues of this book are obscure and chaotic. But I read this book with great attention because I was curious to conceive the purpose of the book. For example, I read the book “Waiting for Godot”, an absurd play, written by Samuel Becket. Some books are needed to read more than once to better understand the plot. If you couldn’t grasp the gist of the book, you need to read it again and again so that you could understand the aim of the writer.

Mysterious Book

I wish to suggest you understand Sanderson’s work, read his other series of fantasy books; Mistborn and War breaker. The way of Kings is rather difficult and mysterious. I, mostly instruct my students to read about the life history of the writer before starting any new book. As many writers cannot keep them partial and they unknowingly add their personal experiences to their work. Sanderson seems to be inspired by Robert Jordan’s course of work, “The Eye of the World”. Sanderson, thus, starts the epic, consisting of ten books. Although the epic doesn’t meet the end of perfection, it has achieved the height of success.

The Way of Kings Review shows Brandon Sanderson’s art of characterization is not flawless. But despite, this time he succeeds to show the mannerism of his characters; how they respond to formidable situation and fight for their rights, etc. All of the characters whether they belong to lower class or upper class react/behave in the way that readers remain stunned and shocked. The characters are shown with real life-like exemplary, as they all possess good and evil in them. No one is purely good or bad but they are the mixture of both; like a normal human being.

Bottom Line

The Way of Kings Review tells that the author shows the mirror of society through his characters; the readers also get frustrated after reading the frustrated condition of the characters. In short, this book is really creepy, but it is the stunning exploration of the mystery of characters, at the same time. The author describes multiple themes in the book: racism, slavery, misery, and depression.

So, it is worth giving some time and read. Right?

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