Resistance Bands - 2018 Best Resistance Bands for Exercise

Best 3 Resistance Bands for Exercise 2018

Exercise resistance bands are one of the most sought-after pieces of exercise equipment – This is because they can be used for so many things!

Muscle activation is an underrated topic. So many people struggle to activate muscles before training. This is where a “prehab program” is super beneficial also providing injury prevention. Some of the strongest and fittest people struggle with lower extremity injuries due to their lack of glute strength and hip muscle stability. This is because these are the hardest muscle groups to activate – we use them ALL THE TIME, standing up and while we walk. It takes more than a couple of squats to really get them fired up! Benefits of resistance bands include the firing of hip flexors, hip ab/adductors and over all injury risk reduction as you can warm up quickly and effectively, take a look at some recommended exercises.

Muscles activated by resistance bands

Good resistance bands are used for the upper extremity too. Suitable for many stretches and muscle activation techniques to prime you for your workouts and promote top notch muscle health. You may have come across the cheaper latex looped bands people use for these exercises. When it comes to long term use, you want something sturdier that can maintain its shape and use.

Slingshot Hip Circles

These are Hip Circles, giving an edge compared to other branded resistance bands. All looped resistance bands are used to strengthen the muscles surrounding the hip – Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Hip flexors, Hip adductors and Hip abductors. They come in 3 different sizes: M, L and XL – sizes corresponding to resistance best for your size.

Slingshot resistance band

They come in a range of colours: Blue, Purple and Pink or if you want to go for something less bold and colourful, you can check out the other variation of the hip circle below!

Slingshot Grippy Hip Circles

This variation of the Hip Circle keeps all the good stuff of the original and adds the ‘Grippy’ feature. Rubber strips are built in the inside of the circle, this adds grip and makes sure the circle can’t slip during warm ups or workouts. For the same price, why not go with the added benefit?

Slingshot grippy resistance bandThe Grippy Hip Circle comes in different colours; Orange and Black (If you want a less noticeable option, black is a good choice). The sizing is slightly different. Use all Hip circles as you would for squats with a resistance band.


Wodfitters Pull Up Assistance bands

Are you struggling to get your first pull up? Or looking at ways to progress your max pull up number? These resistance bands are a great accessory to slip into your gym bag! The most common way to utilise these are as a pull up assistance band. Hook the band around the pull-up bar, place your foot or knee in the hanging loop to assist your pull up. This increases the resistance at the bottom of the pull up, making it easier to pull up to the top of the movement.

WodFitters resistance bands Wodfitters resistance bands Assist the activated muscles during the pull up (Latissimus Dorsi, Trapezius, Scapular muscles, Deltoids and Biceps). Building up the strength and stability needed for an unassisted pull up. To work towards beating a plateau in the number of pull ups you can do, these help you to build endurance making the movement easier. More reps with a lighter load is great way to progressively overload. You can also use these to perform more efficient negative reps, to build even more strength.

These are not only used as assisted pull up bands, they can be utilised for Muscle up Assistance and perfect for stretching and muscle activation, check out these products if you’re interested in keeping your muscles fit and healthy for your workouts. This is just the start of the resistance band benefits! Get yours and find out the many other ways they can be beneficial.


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