Modern people are so confused about finding leisure time because life is getting busy. For physical health and fitness, it is becoming hard to find time for joining the gym. Some people are extremely busy in their life that they are not able to find time for the gym, and some are facing financial problems. It is not economical for poor and middle-class people to afford a gym. Many people do not want to spend their money on gym fee.

workout routine at home

Fortunately, there are some methods for losing weight and building muscle in the comfort of your home. If you can’t afford the fee for the membership of the gym, you must make a workout routine at home. 

If you develop a workout routine at home, it will help you in reducing your weight and maintaining your physical health. There is no need to use special types of equipment for physical fitness. You just need to exercise throughout the day.

How to Start in the Beginning?

In the beginning, you should start with a slight exercise. Initially set a goal to perform 2-3 sets involving ten to twelve repetitions (reps) of each exercise. If you cannot perform more than four or six to start, that is not bad. The purpose is to perform an exercise so that you are somewhat shaky by the final rep. But aim to enhance the reps every coming week, until you are able to perform three sets of twelve.

workout routine at home

Here are some exercises to launch a workout routine at home.

  • Lunges: Start by doing a set of easy back lunges, which assist you in building your buttocks and thighs. Apply a wall or chair for balance if needed. When you are able to perform 10 to 12 lunges on each leg without support, try the other variation.
workout routine at home: lunges
  • Push-ups: Your posture must be straight and appropriate for pushups.  Take a good start with a variation you can accomplish with a good routine. Progress to the next level, where you can do 10 to 12 reps without falling, stopping, or swaying unsteadily.

workout routine at home: push-ups
  • Squats: The Squat is the other effective exercise that helps you in reducing and maintaining Workout Routine at Home.

  • Planks: Planks workout is beneficial for your abdominal muscles. It strengthens your abdominal muscles.

planks: workout routine at home


If you can’t afford a gym, you can easily maintain a workout routine at home. But you need to have patience and consistency to reach the goal you set.

Besides Workout Routine at Home, you can make your physique ultra smart with a healthy eating plan.