The Book of Joy review is here for you that shows how wonderfully two of the most popular spiritual personalities, known as Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, an African Archbishop, wrote this book. Dalai Lama and Archbishop are best friends for many years. They both have faced many hardships, exiles, suffering, and brutality but they remain steadfast and compassionate through thick and thin. Now they compose a book for the guidance of humanity; describe how to remain satisfied and happy in the face of miseries and sorrows. After seven days of the meeting, they designed a book ‘Book of Joy’. It is really an amusing book, a gift from two spiritual personalities Dalai Lama and Archbishop.

The book of joy review

Dalai Lama has been a spiritual as well as a political figure in Tibet but now he is living his life under exile, but he is still working hard for the welfare of Tibetans. He also preaches spiritual messages while traveling. Archbishop has also been serving as a political leader as he has served as the first black leader of Cape Town who has won the Nobel Peace Prize of good leadership from South Africa. Dalai has also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. Both of these eminent figures have an excellent sense of humor with a mixture of spiritual insight.

The Book of Joy Review

In The Book of Joy review, I want to share that it is very surprising as, in the book, it is generally considered that spirituality makes the mood of people sullen and severe. But I remained stunned after reading this joyful book. Thinking about the authors’ wit and pun, I delved deep into a series of questions; mainly, what is the special reason behind their happiness? Anyways, whatever the reason is there, I’ll like to suggest to you, dear readers, you must enjoy the core of the book. How beautifully they both have described the way of joy. They have given some tips about how can we find the moments of amusement in the face of violence and misery.

The Archbishop and the Dalai Lama explained that happiness and joy are two different things. Happiness is the other name of satisfaction. Even though they have faced the hardship of exile, they are happy. According to them, people must see the things with positive sight, as they say, that the same picture has two sides if we see the backside of it we feel dejected. In this book, they have told us why they have remained happy in exile eve. Exile fails to make them suffer in agony and pain.

the book of joy

Actually, they think that bad experiences always give an opportunity to learn different things. Dalai Lama in answer to a question to Archbishop explains, If there is no way of getting out of misery than there is no use of wailing. So I enjoy even in the worst situation, and I have developed this habit in me by practicing it. Dalai Lama rejects the quotation of a known Buddhist master, “If something can be done about the situation, what need is there for sorrow? And if nothing can be done about it, what worth is there for being dejected?”

Bottom Lie

The authors have extremely positive thoughts as it is revealed in the Book of Joy review. They are genuinely optimistic authors, and I admit that it is not easy to remove fear and pity from our minds, but we can change the state of mind by practising the rules mentioned in the book by Dalai and Tutu. Dalai and Tutu do not deny the importance of feeling and emotions, but they assert that the response to tragedy can be controlled. So, who doesn’t want to be happy even in difficult times? No one! This book is worth reading as you’ll explore and discover many things.

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