According to The Paradigm book review, it is another victory of Jonathan Cahn. The readers of Jonathan Cahn can easily compare this book The Paradigm with his other book named Harbinger. He is an awesome writer. This book is another best-seller of New York Time. The readers were waiting for Cahn’s other book, but The Paradigm is quite akin to Harbinger. The Harbinger is showing the signs that happen at the judgment.

The Paradigm book review shows that everything is part of the mystery, there was a time when we were also a part of a mystery, and the places where we are today were the part of a mystery. The Paradigm is a pattern, a model or something else as God uses Paradigm in the Bible as symbols, shadows, and prophecies. The Blueprint is the real Paradigm in this book.

The book has a beautiful blueprint, which presents a huge image of our time and the past. This book exposes the real picture of the people of contemporary society. It also exposes the specific events and happenings of the future. It also reveals the history of 9/11 and the assassination of Osama Bin Laden regarding the incident of 9/11. He drags the attention of the readers towards the tragedy of 9/11. Then it brings back the readers to the recent era. It prophesies about our future that what is hidden in the future for us.

The Paradigm Book Review

Old VS Modern Leaders

The author gives us tips to live a safe and happy life in such a drastic situation. The Paradigm book review presents a comparison between the old leaders and modern leaders as he compares Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton with the ancient leaders’ queen Jezebel and King Ahab. Those ancient leaders aided the sacrifice of innocent children, and Bill and Hillary encouraged abortion. Cahn does not spare Clinton for his scandal with Monica Lewinsky.

“The King’s scandal will begin with his transgressing the law of The Levites.  So too the judgment of his sins will be linked to Israel’s priestly tribe.  Thus the King’s fall from his sin to the judgment of his sin will be intrinsically bound to the tribe of Levi.”

The scandal of Monica Lewinsky also compared to the Law that was violated by King Ahab and this act of violation brought about his tragic ending. As Ahab is punished for his false witness, Bill Clinton also penalized. So what has happened in the past, it can possibly occur in the present. The kings and queens are also struggling with a cultural war.

The Paradigm book review

The Paradigm book review makes a fantastic comparison between the leaders of the ancient time and of our time. I was shocked when I read a comparison between Osama Bin Laden and Donald Trump. In short, the Paradigm book review reveals that God is the only one who controls everything or every moment in our life.


The Paradigm is a fantastic book, and it reveals the prophetic seventy weeks. The book gives a strange connection between people of ancient time and events of the present.  The Paradigm throws light on Jews connection with America, and it describes that we all are connected with the Holy Spirit, Jesus, God’s son.

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