The Gunslinger by Stephen King is a series of fantasy named “Dark Tower Series.” Stephen King is one of my favorite, so I decided to read his series of book Dark Tower”, now I am going to ascribe The Gunslinger review, which is the first book of the series, Dark Tower. The Gunslinger is one of the best seller books of the trilogy. In the first part of the story we meet with Ronald who comes across a boy hailing from the 20th century; unfortunately, he meets a mysterious perplexed death. Ronald captivates the kid with different tricks such as turning his bullets into various circles before him. His mother gives him a lunch box, which he finishes on the way strolling on the roads in the company of a farmer.

The Gunslinger Review

The Gunslinger Review

The gunslinger’s water bag looks like a sausage that he fastens around his right-side shoulder that slides down to his left-side hip. When he feels hungry, he eats fresh picked corn and beans, but the farmer offered piping-hot, a towel, melted butter, and spoons as well. Zoltan is a Crow of a farmer who can speak some Gospel like a parrot. Gunslinger decides to leave his native city and abode in another town named Kark. When he enters into a bar of Kark, he orders some wine and three burgers. Besides, he has no money to pay them, but fortunately, he pays them with a gold coin. In the night, he demands a swindler for the fling. However, a prostitute known as Alice has been brought to him and he spent a few weeks with her.

Sleeping and enjoying with the girl could not remove the picture of his archenemy from his mind. So in the day time, he keeps his search continues to trace the dark man in black. Further, he explains that he was in a black dress. He considers him as if he was a carrot (enticing the audience); thus he considers others as horses. He has described three various abodes comprising of its beginning, middle and end. The exciting thing, which I noticed is that the priest is not a man but it, is a woman whom Alice warns about the future. Then he learns that she has described quite aptly. However, he does not leave the city and lives in the town.

the gunslinger review


On his return to his town, he takes out the gun from his pocket and strolls slowly around the city without showing his emotions, thoughts, and wisdom. The Gunslinger review explains that the protagonist knows good and bad elements of the gun, but he uses a gun even though the father asks him to fight with other weapons instead of using Gun. When he looks at a group of five people, he loses his control over him and ultimately, he kills them all without sparing women and children. He murders the whole population. At the age of eleven years old, he meets with one of his father’s best friend Cohorts who teaches him a lesson of hunting, along with his pet hawks while wearing leather gloves.

The Gunslinger review shows that the character of Ronald’s is jammed with a number of the expedition. In the opening scene of the novel, Ronald the protagonist falls in love with an attractive lady who was called Alice. He also develops a friendship with a teenaged boy who belongs to New York. Ronald’s life is full of adventures.


The Gunslinger deals with various themes. Initially, it seems as if the theme of the book is only revenge, but an in-depth and thorough study of the book reveals that it has multiple themes: theme of love, theme of survival, theme of good vs. evil, theme of destiny, theme of technology vs. nature, theme of art and theme of community.

The Gunslinger reviews the themes from survival and the thirst for knowledge to complete endurance. We can clearly notice the survival as Ronald travels and survives.

The thirst for knowledge is the only start in the story, and when the series proceeds, it becomes evident as Ronald trusts in his destiny to be the Dark Tower. Ronald has been chasing the man in black for a long time with great patience. When the man fled across the desert, Ronald kept on following him.

Somehow, the man in black becomes the reason for the death of all those people to whom Gunslinger loves a lot. The man in black has a direct relation with Marten who manipulates Ranald’s mother to betray his father.

the gunslinger review

While reading this book, I have observed that the main character of the story keeps on struggling throughout the novel. His struggle conveys a stimulus message to the readers that struggle is the warmth of life. They should also keep on struggling.

People would definitely like to read this novel as it has action, revenge, and love.

The Gunslinger reviews the story of the novel as one of the most fantastic and adventurous stories of Stephen King. There is a great character description in the story. King Stephen’s art of characterization is highly praiseworthy as he has portrayed them in the story. All the characters are lifelike. Though, the novel deals with some obscure and complex situations.


To conclude, I would like to recommend this book to readers who have the patience to read. Because the first part of the novel is slow and it has a series of books so the quick readers cannot read this book.

The Gunslinger review shows that Gunslinger is only a small part of the vast story. The readers who want to read a short story, they should choose the Gunslinger for their quick reading. Gunslinger is a delightful book that draws the reader’s attention bit by bit. It is a fantastic and imaginative book. Children love to read this book as they get involved in the adventures of the protagonist Ronald, generally called Gunslinger.

The book leaves many unanswered questions in the minds of readers. Thus after having done this book, they keep on thinking on various obscure meanings and theme of the book.

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