Extreme Ownership Review tells about the book’s author, Jocko Willink, who explains all his experiences during the war. The author paints the portrait of a successful leader in this book, “Extreme Ownership”. He intends to teach the people; how to lead and win as he depicts a list of basic leadership’s tips. The author has learnt all these secrets of leadership during his participation in the war. He organizes a team of his friends.

extreme ownership review

Wilkin’s points for leadership are equally important for trade/business and for war. Jocko Willink is popular among the kids, as he has also composed two books in his Child’s Collection, for them. Jocko Wilkin and Lief Babin have previously been serving as U.S Navy SEAL leaders who have been leading during the brutal war of Iraq.  Now both of friends are running their own eminent business on behalf of their experiences in military. It is, indeed, a mounting task to achieve the success in an entirely different field. In a very tense atmosphere where the black clouds of smoke make darken the sky and death was looming around. Willink learns a lot about the benefit of leadership.

Extreme Ownership Review (First Chapter)

Extreme Ownership Review tells that in the very first chapter, the author highlights the importance of the leaders and their leadership qualities. He says that a leader must be responsible for all good and bad happenings in any organization. He must have the ability to train & mentor his employees or subordinates so that they could perform better. A good leader never blames his subordinate for bad results or any kind of loss.

Willink explains that a leader must be visionary. He must understand the situation and support or encourage his juniors to make their work performance better. Too much criticism puts a very bad impact. Willink points out that it is wrong to consider the workers of the organization as responsible for any loss, but it is a leader who is actually responsible. A good leader leads the company to the height of success. A leader must be patient who can tolerate the situation smoothly.

extreme ownership review

The author says in chapter 3 of the book that the confidence of a leader is like a backbone in the human body. The whole success of the business stands on the shoulders of confidence of a leader. If a leader is less courageous, he can never accomplish his goal. The author condemns “ego” in a leader. In the cage of ego, a leader gives shut ear to listen to any of his team members’ good advice. Thus consequently, he has to suffer an alarming situation.

We can easily divide this book into three major parts:

In the first part of the book, he describes the basic qualities of a leader, in the second part of the book, the author gives four main ideas to flourish the business and in the third part of the book, it is about a balanced life of a leader. These three parts of the book further enhance the principles observed during the war and Wilink stunningly explains gradually with the examples of combat principles, detail of the principles and the principle for business.


Extreme ownership review tells that it is a well-organized book. Every chapter of the book is individual as well as co-related to the previous chapter. I like this book very much as I have learned a lot of fruitful principles of living a good life by developing leadership qualities in myself. Extreme Ownership is a thought-provoking book. Give it a try!

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