The Five Dysfunctions of a Team book review tells us that this book has been composed in a literary genre of fiction, though the story of the book is entirely based upon reality. Patrick Lencioni is an American writer who is well-known for his writings on business and management particularly, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.”

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Book Review

Though this book can be composed in prose style essays, yet the author has given the book a unique style to make it different from his previous books. It is in the form of a short story. Its plot summary has a start, middle, and end with a better solution to the problems faced by company leaders or business owners.

Patrick Lencioni has described a story of a realistic team who was working in a company that has been suffered in devastating trouble due to five dysfunctions of the team. Meanwhile, the company has appointed a new CEO, Ms. Katheryn. She faces many challenges in homogenizing a group for better work production. The writer has used excellent techniques for writing and handling the haphazard situation.

the five dysfunctions of a team book review

He has successfully created the amusement in the text that the readers of the book do not feel any boredom while they read it.  According to the Five Dysfunctions of a Team book review, many people learn a practical lesson of building homogenize team. Patrick Lencioni has described the ways about how to become a good leader as he says that leadership is a skill and one must be a master of this skill if he/she wants to lead a company or a generation of any specific society.

Fictional Company Decision

It is shown that the young CEO of the fictional company Decision Tec knows the importance of the unity of the team. However, she tries to establish good team relationships. It is a challenging job to work with a group of people who hails from entirely different backgrounds.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team book review reveals the follies and absurdities of a team and the importance of teamwork. The author has notified five Dysfunctions of a team, in brief, that halts a company to grow, achieving its goal and has offered a solution to how to redress the following problems:

1. Maintaining Trust

Patrick Lencioni emphasizes the importance of trust. He tells us that trust building among the team is a vital tool to get better results from the teamwork. Generally, it is a leader’s responsibility to maintain trust among his/her team.

2. Conflict

On the second number, the author has highlighted the fear of conflict. A continuity of conflict whether destructive or constructive is harmful to a team’s unity. After maintaining trust, a good leader needs to remove conflicts and create harmony among the teammates.

3. Lack of Commitment

Lack of commitment is the third dysfunction of a team that hinders a team from performing an excellent job by making an effective decision.

4. Prevention of Accountability

Prevention of accountability is another dysfunction of the team that stops group members to hold each other accountable for any mishaps etc. A good leader conducts an individual meeting with his/her team members and tries to sort out the issue.

5. Negligence to Results

Negligence to result is fatal for a team. Every individual of a team must focus on the goal that they are pursuing because no one is individually affected. The whole team is responsible for the results. A leader should keep on conducting meetings with the team off and on to remind them about their goal.


I really enjoyed reading this book for writing a review of the book; it is highly profitable for those who are leaders or intend to be leaders in the future. This book teaches us the skills of leadership. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this book too.

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