The enemy wants us to feel discarded, left out, and lonely. When we allow him to speak, he/she lies through our refusal, he pickpockets our goal, cripples our courage, destroys our dreams. And blinds us to the beauty of Christ’s powerful love.

The Uninvited book review shows that it is an experienced based book written by a best-selling author, Lysa TerKeurst. She has described her deep feelings in the book about her personal life experiences. This book is a beautiful autobiography that conveys a more profound message of living life and turning towards God. Lysa shares the memories of her painful, pathetic childhood with the readers. She bitterly shares her rejections for countless times, as her father abandoned her several times.

uninvited book review

Guidelines of Lysa

Lysa tries to guide readers to emancipate the wish to fall apart or control the actions of others by embracing the ways of God-worshiping to process their wounds. She tells the readers that they should be aware of what to pray for the coming ten days. Just to stabilize their soul and restore their confidence.  And she also teaches to overcome two basic fears that strengthen our sense of insecurity by knowing the hidden truth of belonging. She further suggests that we should avoid turning petty affairs into huge issues.

Lysa TerKeurst describes, “There is something wonderfully sacred that happens when a girl chooses to understand that being set aside is actually God’s call for her to be set apart.”

Observations of Author

According to the uninvited book review, the author observes the deep meaning of rejection. And elaborates how God look at us when we feel dejected, lonely or humiliated. God has created a variety of people with different nature and mentality. Not all are equal. Everyone has a distinctive nature, and when someone sets aside from something, it means he/she is taking a courageous action to set apart from his/her own fellow-beings who are of the same mindset.

uninvited book review

The author emphasizes the importance of turning towards the Almighty God. She advises the readers to worship God when they are in trouble. And they should stop blaming God for any misfortune or any sad incident that has happened to them. She has also recommended a list of 10 blissful prayers in the book to recover the soul and re-build confidence.

Prayers of Lysa

According to Uninvited book review, to restore your soul and regain confidence, Lysa has mapped out a list of ten helpful prayers. These are helpful to read when you or a friend is feeling hurt for whatever reason. “With you, Jesus, I’m forever safe. I’m forever accepted. I’m forever held. Completely loved and always invited in.” In life, there are going to be occasions where we are going to encounter rejection, and that rejection will hurt. Within the middle of these trials, it is easy to forget about God’s mercy. However, we must recognize that no matter what we are encountering in the flesh, God will always invite us in and welcome us with his pure love.

“The beliefs we hold should hold us up even when life feels like it’s falling apart.” Nothing is moving on in our lives that Jesus cannot manage. Getting up as an outcast was never easy. But when I found Jesus, he was able to outcaste my fears and my anxiety. The Uninvited book review shows that Lysa felt exactly like this when she was in a room full of people who were all talking, and she seemed alone.

She felt alone because she had minimum similarities with people. When she takes her agitation and turns to God for leadership, usually some factor of assurance available to wrapped in every rejection”. God protects our refusals because He knows that there is something greater for us later. For example, during a relationship break up, it might feel as if your world is torn apart. But you should know that God has your future planned out and it is worth the wait.

After reading the Uninvited book review, you just cannot put down this book, without reaching to the results. Lysa does an exceptional job of making her individual experiences relatable. From a tough childhood to hysterically ponderous moments, this novel will bring you on a roller coaster of sentiments.

Her knowledge throughout the book is authentic and memorable. It acts as a guide when you feel unsteady and disappointed due to what the world has to offer. Time to time, I pick this book up to join Lysa during her beautiful journey. She is honest, selfless and defenseless, which makes this #1 New York Times Best Seller, so relatable.

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