Just like children, cats refuse to eat food you give to them as they are selective and picky in eating. Cats are very popular pets. If you have your pet cat and notice a change in its normal eating habits, then you need to change its food. If the cat does not eat anything for three days, then you need to consult a veterinary doctor.

It is possible that your cat is suffering from chronic illness. The latest research shows that sometimes cats start eating more than normal routine when they are sick. Cats are like obstinate children, as they refuse to eat for nothing. It might happen that your cat not eating much but acting normal, but if you see a slight yet constant change, then consult the doctor.

Here are a few suggestions and instructions for you to treat your cat gently.

  • Do you need to check what are you feeding to your pet? Remember, cats do not eat stale food, and if their container is dirty, they refuse to eat. So you should try to provide them fresh food in a neat container.
  • Give alternative food. For this visit Supper Market and buy a variety of pet foods. When you visit the market, bring a new small container for your cat so that you can place different foods in a different bowl. If your vet suggests you to prepare homemade food, then you should prepare food by yourself.
  • Time table for feeding food is of vital importance. If you notice your cat not eating much but acting normal, you should start noticing their eating habits.  You should notice, at what time they like wet or dry food? Then set the timings accordingly for feeding your cat.
  • Make sure the container in which you give the food is clean.
  • If your cat is not eating much and acting normal, then give them some supplements to entice its appetite. You should consult your vet for a supplement as he can suggest you a better supplement for your pet.
cat not eating much but acting normal
  • Make your cat comfortable by feeding them directly. When your cat refuses to eat, feed them directly with your hands. Sometimes your pet cat wants your attention; therefore, he pretends so. When you feed your pet directly, he feels comfortable.
  • Try to play with your cat, as he wants your attention. When you notice, your cat is not eating, give him attention. Play with him and tempt him with food.
  • Before giving him food, check its temperature because cats do not eat very cool or very hot food. So check the temperature of food, before giving for feeding. Keep checking the bowls whether the bowl is full or not. If it is empty, fill it again.
  • Avoid over-feeding your cat because it can also become adverse to the health of your cat. So feed him at proper timings and avoid feeding too much.
cat not eating much but acting normal

Final Thoughts

To precise the topic, I would further like to recommend you to consult your vet if your cat is not eating despite your efforts. Never waste time at home, reach the hospital for the checkup of your cat. Your vet will suggest you some medicines and pieces of advice to look after your cat. Try to build a comfortable surrounding for your cat. If the place is boisterous, bring some changes or change the place. Take care of your pet cat!

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