Assassin’s Fate is a trilogy Fantasy epic written by Robin Hobb an American best selling writer. She composes a successful third trilogy and introduces unique characters in her trilogy fantasy. The novel is one of the masterpieces of the literary genre. According to Assassin’s Fate review, servants kidnap the beloved young daughter named “Bee” of Fitz. The writer deliberately throws light on her contemporary society, where people want to become rich by hook or crook.

The servants kidnap Bee because they want to get money from her father. Bee is a vital character in the story and his father Fitz is the first person of the story. The whole story is based on these two main characters. However, we can’t negate the role of the Fool.  Fitz considers that the servants might have killed his daughter so, in the fit of revenge, he consults his friend Fool who suggests him to attack the building where servants live. However, Fitz along with his best friend Fool attempts to take revenge from the servants. That is why he and his friend reach another island.

assassin's fate review

Fool enjoys when he saw a building at Island and considers it his heaven. Assassin’s Fate review shows that Robin Hobb uses the technique of irony and makes the place hell for Fool. The servants torture the Fool. They make him cripple and blind as well as make him a promise never to visit there again. Bee is also in the same prison.

Theme of the Novel

The assassin’s Fate review explains that it is intricate and the novel is really pathetic. It is hard to stop tears while reading the book. The readers naturally get involved in the story because the scene of little girl’s kidnap is sensitive and then Fool’s assassin is also tragic. This novel is filled with emotional scenes and dialogues. The old friendship of Fitz and Fool, Bee’s innocence and her inquiry about the whole situation makes the plot of the novel sad and tragic. Hobb has successfully written this novel recalling twenty years back story.

The book is a perfect genre of literature dealing with excellent plot, characters, and actions. The assassin’s Fate review is no doubt a masterpiece of Ronald Hobb. All the readers can quickly identify the quality of Ronald Hobb to evoke the emotions of the readers by her stunning art of writing. In her novel, Fitz Chivalery Farseer the writer introduces as a first person and Bee as a second person or the narrator of the book. Like many other well-known writers, she uses the technique of the narrator.

Ronald Hobb beautifully portraits the characters, they all are real, life-like having some follies. They are not perfect human beings like supernatural characters. Its plot is creepy and tricky, and readers can’t feel boredom.

assassin's fate review

The Truth about the Fool’s Prophecy

According to my Assassin’ Fate review, Fitz curiosity as he is going to discover the truth about the Fool’s prophecy. After being resurrected from his fatal tortures in Regal’s dungeons, Fitz has once more foiled Regal’s attempts to be purified of him. Again, back in his own body, and after months of rehabilitation. Now Fitz starts the hectic and slow process of learning the ways of a man again.  Soon he finds a world in which he lives, and he is utterly alone. Regal has emptied the kingdom of its riches and retired to the inland city of Trade ford. Of Verity, on his quest to find the fabulous Elderings, there has been no word; Molly, Kettricken and the Fool have all disappeared. Unless Fitz can find Verity and help him in his journey, the Six Duchies are going to destroy, and there will be no secure place to live.

The quest of Assassin brings to a result of the Farseer Trilogy, a famous tale that develops with each book. As the readers come to know about Royal Assassin is developed upon Assassin’s apprentice. And the quest of Assassin brings the trilogy to a high level, and the readers enjoy knowing what they wanted to know and many more things.

Tragic Ending of Fitz

Unfortunately, Fitz committed suicide by taking poison at the sunset of Royal Assassin. I really felt terrible reading about the act of suicide committed by Fitz because I was not expecting so from him. Perhaps my mind wasn’t prepared to accept the death of an important character. Despite the death of Fitz, I have been assuming that Robin Hobb might bring him back to life for the last episode of the trilogy.

The Story Advances Towards Revenge

Assassin’s Fate reviews that a standalone novel is a result of the “Fitz and the Fool Trilogy.” The story of Fitz Chivalry’s struggle advances to take revenge on servants of the White Prophet for kidnapping and assumed killing of his daughter Bee. His long-time friend Fool helped him; Fool is the son of Fitz’s old advisor, Chade. But the situation becomes complicated for Fitz, and he suffers in danger. Fitz also starts feeling guilty for not taking care of them.

Fool and Fitz come to know that Bee is alive and has been kept in a castle. However, Fitz and his team decide to speed their action of revenge to secure Bee by attacking dragons before they could destroy everything in Clerres. As the story moves forward towards its climax, most of the unexplained things are explained, and the end of the story is similar to what the trilogy called for.

The trilogy consists of two thousand pages and is interesting to read. The story of the book not only provides elements to enjoy for fantasy-lover, but it offers many things to enjoy to other readers. The series of three books depend upon each other, and Assassin’s Quest proves a complete conclusion to a fascinating story.


I like the final part of the book “Assassin’s Fate” because of its universality and motivational theme. As Fool despite his sufferings is courageous and has dreams for his better future. He is not depressed at all. A fool gives the name hell to the same place, which he calls heaven in the beginning.

On the other hand, Fitz changes himself and now is aiming of life to knock down all evils of the servants. Bee, the little child, is hoping for a better future when she asks a question from a 2nd white angel “Can we break the future”? And the angel replied to her, Yes we can. Even in the worst condition, they hope for shaping their future.

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