The Shining book review shows that it is an autobiographical novel written by Stephen King. He describes the story of a family and specifically of a husband who works in a haunted hotel as a caretaker. The “Overlook” Hotel’s building is like a haunted place to which a number of murder stories are related. Danny Torrance, the son of the family, spreads horror after having some naive experience.

The Shining Book Review

Jack Torrance is a sympathetic figure of the novel. Stephen King’s autobiography is obvious in this character. It is a personal novel of the writer as the subjectivity is traced in the portrait of a protagonist who later turns into an antagonist. Jack Torrance wants to become a good husband, a good father and also a good writer. But unfortunately, he gets addicted to alcohol, which affected his health badly. Jack loses his memory and even loses his job as a teacher. Later on, he joins a job in a hotel ‘Overlook”, to support his family. The story of the novel shows deep thoughts of the mind and gives psychoanalysis of the character. Jack is suffering from terrible mental pain and dissatisfaction.

The Shining Book Review

The Shining book review explains that Jack Torrance is a right natured person who wishes to restore his relationship with his wife Wendy Torrance and bury the hatchet between him and his son. He also gives up liquor for the sake of his wife and son. But things go wrong due to the haunted hotel; the supernatural spirits tempt Jack. But he does not believe in them, and he keeps on resisting but, unfortunately, Jack surrenders and becomes the part of supernatural forces. On that pivot point of the novel, readers feel sympathy for the protagonist, putting himself or herself on his position. The story of Shining reminds me of the theme of ‘Heart of Darkness’ in which Joseph Conrad has beautifully defined how a man becomes a victim of evil.

Through the character of Jack Torrance, the writer peeps into the deep human psyche. He says that we all suffer in the same mental agony at one point of life. Jack Torrance wants to get rid of his loving wife and son; he sometimes wants even to murder them.

the shining book review

Wendy Torrance

On the other hand, according to the Shining book review, Wendy Torrance who seems to be a typical ordinary wife in the beginning as once she demands a divorce, later on, she rejects her idea of separation and becomes a strong woman. She fights against the worst situation and saves her family. Wendy Torrence prepares herself for any sacrifice even her own life. She forces her husband to leave the hotel’s job; although she was aware of the importance of that job.

Danny Torrance a five years old child is a true genius. He can read the minds of people in his surroundings. When they first time enters the hotel, he already guesses that something wrong will happen, but he remains silent. Danny Torrance is a brilliant, intelligent and loving child. He has a special god gifted quality called ‘Shining.’ By his gift of shinning, he can judge the things and prophecy about the future.


The Shining book review is not about the story of horrible scenes and characters; it is a familiar story of an average human being.

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