Extra Torrent was launched in 2006 to facilitate the people in entertainment and media. Visitors were able to search, download and share magnet links and peer to peer downloading. Moreover, People were also able to download thousands of movies and TV seasons from this site.  In 2016, Bit Torrent celebrated its tenth anniversary where it offered many discounts and offers to its users.  In addition to this, It changed its logo and theme on its anniversary, and also launched a contest where the participants could have taken part in the quizzes and won the prizes.


Why was Extratorrent Shut Down?

In 2017, Extra Torrent closed all its operation and since then, has never re-launched its functionalities. The owners of this site had to close the site due to a series of unfortunate incidents. They erased all of the data from the site and never offered any alternative for their services. Before two days of the shutting down of the website permanently, the server of extra torrent went down and crashed. Some people thought that extra torrent was closed due to some maintenance problems, but the management cleared their point of view and informed that they had taken it down intentionally.


The Popularity of Extratorrents

Extra Torrent was one of the most trusted torrent sites because of its feedback management and the facilities being provided to the users. It was among the top 5 widely used torrent sites back in 2010. The Extratorrents download toolbar had a variety of functionalities to facilitate the users. The management of extra torrent was vigilant, and it used to keep a record of all the activities of the users so that it could offer the content that was close to the hearts of the visitors.


Cloning of Extra Torrents

Shortly after the closure of Extratorrent in 2017, various clones and copies sprouted out, which were offering the same functionalities as that of Extratorrent.  The most famous one of all the clones were located at Extratorrent.cd. People started arguing that it was an official re-hosting of the Extratorrent, but it was later revealed that the website was just using the server of the torrentz2 EU proxy. The website was also fetching the information from the database of extra torrents Asia, and pretending that it was the original version of Extratorrent. However, despite the cloning status of this website, it still had managed to gain popularity. This clone website had successfully acquired more than two million active followers in the same month in which the real site was shut down.


This clone was also blocked in 2019, along with other duplicated sites such as Lime Torrents and 1337x. There are no official extra torrent mirrors today, which can be described as the genuine copies of extra torrent.

What is Extratorrents Mirror site?

After the shutting down of Extratorrents, many people started opening Extratorrents mirror sites that seemed like the duplicate of extra torrentz. But what really is a mirror site? Mirror sites are basically the exact copies of the existing site, and they are created to reduce the traffic. Mirror sites are also useful to enhance the performance of the original site because they reduce the burden of traffic on the main website. A single server cannot support so much traffic, and mirror sites are created to avoid any inconvenience. Mirror sites are also helpful in increasing the speed with which files can be accessed. For example, if a US-based website creates a mirror for the people of UK, then all the traffic of UK will access the content through the mirror, and the burden of the traffic would be divided.


Extratorrent’s Proxies

There are thousands of Extratorrents cd proxy sites on the internet such as Extratorrent.cc proxy, Extratorrents unblock xyz proxy, but not all of them work accurately. Some users also tried to integrate limetorrent proxy server with that of Extratorrent.  Millions of people used to visit the Extratorrents website on a daily basis, and after the closure, the majority of them tried to open their own Extratorrents proxy sites, but not all of them worked efficiently.


I have listed some working proxies and mirrors of the extra torrent that are working without any flaw. However, it may be possible that they do not work after some time. It is because officials keep hunting the sites, and they make sure that no torrent should be working on the internet.

The proxies I have provided are only for educational and useful purposes. I strongly discourage any use of the proxy for Extratorrents to download protected or copyright content.

Extratorrents ProxyStatusSpeed
https://Sitenable.pwActiveVery Fast
https://Siteget.netActiveVery Fast
http://xtra.ublocked.lolActiveVery Fast



Why do Governments Block Torrent Sites?

So, if the site of Extratorrent is blocked in your country, how would you be able to access it? The sites of torrents are blocked by the governments of different states because torrents sites usually contain pirated and copyright content. The original inventors of the content complain to the respective governments against the torrent sites because they do not want their content to be accessed freely. Therefore, governments of different countries have to pay heed to the complaints and as a result, the torrent sites are blocked.


Unblock Torrent Sites in your Country

There are different ways to execute extra torrent unblock. Some people uses Extratorrents unblock software to access the torrent sites. After reading this article, you will get to know how to open Extratorrent in your country. Methods that have been mentioned below are also helpful to unblock Extratorrents.cc. Different methods to unblock Extratorrents are:

1. VPN

VPN stands for a virtual private network. You can easily access all the sites, which are blocked in your country by using VPN. VPN basically changes your location and IP address for the server, and server thinks that you are accessing the internet from another state. For example, if a site is blocked in your country but not in the United Kingdom, then you can use the VPN to switch your IP address to the United Kingdom.

unblock torrent sites VPN

The method to use VPN is quite easy. Some sites offer VPN for free, while some websites ask you to pay for it. You just need to install the plugin of VPN on your browser to use it.

2. Tor Browser

You can also access blocked torrent sites by using Tor browser. Tor hides your real IP from the server and gives an alternate IP of another country that can be used to access the blocked sites. Tor browser is totally free, and you can download it from its official website.

tor browser

3. Web Proxy

Employing web proxy is also a great way to hide your real IP. Website server and the internet service provider ISP will not be able to identify you, and you will be able to access all the blocked websites easily.

web proxy

Best Alternatives for Extratorrent

1. KickassTorrents

If you ask me about one of the best torrent sites on the internet, I will name KickassTorrents. This site is hugely popular due to its easy use and browsing without the ads. This site was blocked in US 2016; however, after the closure, it had launched various proxies that are still being used by millions of users. It has a lot of domain names, and all of them work. 

kickass torrents

2. The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is one of the most prevalent websites of the torrent world, given the fact that it has millions of followers. It was launched in 2003 by a Swedish organization, and since then, it has taken the internet by storm. By visiting the pirate bay, users can search for different links and can download the content through peer to peer file sharing BitTorrent protocol.

the pirate bay  -  extratorrent

3. TorLock

This site claims that they do not offer any fake torrent file. It means that whatever you download from this site, you will get 100% results. The owner of this site is Jack. He claims that they have more than 700,000 verified torrent files, and if someone proves that even a single file is fake, and then he is ready to pay dollars to that person. If his owner is claiming the authenticity of the content in such reliable words, then it means that they really have genuine data.


4. Rarbg

Rabrg is another alternative for Extratorrent, and it is also popular among users. This site also facilitates the users by providing digital content, HD movies, and magnet links through peer to peer file sharing protocol.

According to researched data, this site has more than 90 million followers per month. This makes it the third biggest site when it comes to downloading torrents. This site was blocked in some countries including India, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. However, it did not affect its traffic because the primary traffic of this site was coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.


5. isoHunt

isoHunt was founded by Gary Fung in 2003. Like Extratorrent, the official website of isoHunt was shut down in October 2013, but the owners of isoHunt launched the alternative of isoHunt with a new domain. The domain of this site keeps changing. isoHunt is immensely popular among the users because of the movies, softwares and different apps.


6. 1337x

In 2018, this site had been declared as one of the most popular torrent websites. This site has been blocked by Google, meaning that you won’t see the URL of this website through Google search. But there are other proxies, through which this site can be accessed. This site has more than 80 million followers, but it has been recently blocked in many countries.


7. 01 Torrent

Even though this site is not as popular as the sites mentioned above, however, it is becoming popular with time. Its owners claim that this site would become one of the towering torrent sites in the next few years. This site is blocked in some countries, and therefore, it uses two domains for its functionality. This site has more than 2 million monthly visitors.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle is also another alternative for Extratorrents, and it works as a crawler. This site was founded in 2008, and since then, it has proved its mettle by offering a variety of content such as movies, games, TV series, and softwares. This site is also known by another name Bitsnoop.


Final Word

Even though Extratorrent is no more, but it has imprinted its permanent image in our hearts. Torrent sites are coming under heavy scrutiny with each passing day, and it is becoming more difficult to download torrents from these sites. But if you use VPN to access the sites, then you will be in a safe side to download the torrents given the fact that VPN ensures the safety and privacy of its users.

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