“Your battery is low!” It sucks to see this notification on the screen of any smart device you are using. Nobody likes to see the dreaded screen telling you to connect your device to a charger.  

Does Bluetooth drain battery? Well, Smartphone or any other device with Bluetooth uses this feature in the background. However, everybody has his or her own opinions about the reasons for battery consumption. You might be finding the best tricks to save your battery life. From closing particular applications to turning off notifications, you must have heard that turning off Bluetooth can preserve the life of your device’s battery. 

does bluetooth drain battery

So How Much Bluetooth Drains Your Battery?

Bluetooth was first introduced in the mid to late 90s, and since then the notion that Bluetooth chomps a lot of battery came into sight. However, it is difficult to say how much power it drained back then relative to the standard mobile phone battery.  In that case, we do know that all the big companies have just improved the capacity of the battery significantly in the last 20 years.

Here is a description below that shows the development of battery capacity from 2007 to 2018 for a few mobile phones.

does bluetooth drain battery

While comparing the iPhone X to a Smartphone (Sony Ericson) ten years ago, the battery capacity has just about tripled over the last decade. The Bluetooth technology itself has changed to become accustomed to the new user tech landscape. Now we have wireless speakers, headphones, cars or even toothbrushes connecting via Bluetooth with our Smartphone.

Can you have clear-cut answers of does Bluetooth drain battery? At the time when Bluetooth was launched, it was proposed as a substitute for a data cable. It means connecting two devices from one point to another to transfer data. In the last few years, countless Bluetooth compatible devices, Bluetooth has personalized to this changing landscape.

Does Turning Bluetooth off Save Battery?

As you already know that power consumption is highly dependent on the specific use of Bluetooth. For instance, playing music to headphones consume more power as compared to using Bluetooth LE for a connected smartwatch. On the other hand, a huge, brightly lit screen can be a major power hog. 

does bluetooth drain battery

However, turning off Bluetooth can definitely save you a small amount of power. On the other side, you can make sure that having Bluetooth on will not drain the device’ battery – besides making all the future connections to devices more easier.

In this regard, solving the query of does Bluetooth drain battery, every device has its own setting options.

You may want to know the procedure of turning Bluetooth on or off; let’s have a look at some of the easy steps.

Disable/Enable Bluetooth for an iOS Device

In all of the iOS devices, the Bluetooth setting path is always the same.

  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Select “General.”
  • Tap on “Bluetooth” option.
  • Flip the On or Off button to toggle Bluetooth on or off.
  • Close the Settings, and you are done.
does bluetooth drain battery

Disable/Enable Bluetooth for an Android Device

Well, each Android device may have some different setting options. Following are some of the general Android Bluetooth settings:

  • Open “Settings” on your Android device.
  • In the Settings, look for “Bluetooth” or the Bluetooth symbol.
  • Find an option to enable or disable the Bluetooth. Swipe or tap o it to enable or disable it.
  • Close the Settings, and you are done.
does bluetooth drain battery

Now the query “does Bluetooth drain battery” must be clear in your mind, however, let me explain some advance tricks to save your battery.

Turn On Power Saving Mode:

Suppose you are going to be trapped in a location where you must require your mobile battery more than it daily does? Shift your mobile into the power saving mode that automatically cuts back on functions, which can consume battery time.

does bluetooth drain battery

Put Your Phone on Silent Mode:

A mobile phone that is continually ringing and vibrating with notifications is irritating and draining your mobile battery, so turn off it.

Your mobile has to activate an internal motor to buzz, that you thought it uses the battery. Open the sound and vibration settings in your mobile phone and turn off vibration and slow down the sound. You may also inactivate haptic feedback, so it does not vibrate while you touch or type on the screen.

does bluetooth drain battery

Final Thoughts

 Does Bluetooth drain the battery, simply has an answer, YES. However, nobody can define the exact amount of battery consumed by Bluetooth in a day. Every device varies in terms of different options and features. So it always depends on your device and the usage of the device.

Keep upgrading your devices and enjoy the technology!
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