RARABG is a torrent website that was established in 2008. It used to render torrent files and magnet links to maintain peer to peer file sharing by using bit torrent protocol. It was also amongst one of the most successful sites, and experts argue that it would have surpassed other websites if it had not been closed. People used to visit this site to download High-Quality movies, games, softwares, and EBooks, etc. It also facilitated the users by providing a unique feature of movies like Top 10, Box Office, and trailer.

Countries in which RARBG was blocked

Unfortunately, this site was terminated in 2016 due to the legal notices by official companies. With the closure of this site, the fans of torrent had been deprived of one of the phenomenal platforms for torrent downloading. Here is the list of the countries where this was site was blocked along with the dates of the closure.

CountryDate of Block
United Kingdom27 Nov, 2014
Belgium03 Jan, 2019
Saudi Arabia2 April, 2014
Denmark27 March, 2015
Indonesia10 October 2017
Portugal26 October 2015
Australia 18 Aug 2017

Primary Reason why do Governments Ban Torrent Sites

Like other torrent sites, RARBG torrents came under the grip of different governments because of the myriad of complaints against them. You know if you have created something by working incredibly hard, then you would not want others to access the things free of cost. You have invested your time and money on it, and if people access it freely, then you will undoubtedly think of doing everything that is under your authority. Same is the case with torrent sites.

RARBG Banned

Torrents sites usually contain content that is highly sensitive and protected. People upload the content on the torrent sites to share it with the general audience, but this does not bode well for the original inventors of the material. They ask governments to ban the sites that are showing the paid content for free. Indeed, governments are responsible for protecting the individual property, and as a result, they ban the sites that distribute protected or copyrighted content.

Is RARBG Safe?

The answer to the question of the safety of the RABG is not as simple as some people might be thinking. For example, the content you are accessing through RARBG might not be allowed in some countries, while in other countries, it might be completely legal to download the content. Therefore, it can be contended that the safety of the users through RARBG is entirely dependent on the location of the users.

Unblocking RARBG

When RARBG was blocked in various countries, the owners of the RARBG did not have any option but to start executing their operations through different proxies. Therefore, hundreds of proxy sites of RARBG appeared on the internet, and millions of people started using them. But not all of the proxies were real. Even though some proxies were functioning without any flaw, however, they crashed and went down after some time. The traffic on these sites was enormous, and therefore, the servers of the proxy sites could not sustain the massive burden of traffic.

Unblocking RARBG

However, there were some sites, which were working accurately, and they did not crash even after the presence of huge traffic. Those were the real proxy sites, and the official team of RARBG was managing them. Apart from proxy sites, there are also other methods to unblock RARBG proxies such as by using a VPN or torrents.

1.     VPN


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is the most reliable method to access any blocked site in your country. Unlike proxy sites, the location of the VPN is hard to trace and you can quickly get access to the sites, which are blocked in your country. VPN hides your real location and gives a fabricated IP to your system. The server of the website thinks that you are coming from another country and therefore, it does not prevent you from visiting the site. Frequently used VPNs include Zenmate, Nord VPN, Cyber Ghost, and Tor Guard.

How to use VPN:

The usage of VPN is not complicated. You just need to install a VPN plugin to your browser to get the features of a virtual network. You can also pay for paid ‘VPN’s if you want advanced features.

2.     TOR Browser:

Proxy Of RARBG

It stands for The Onion Router. TOR uses a combination of networks to conceal your real identity. It also helps you to get access to the sites that are banned in your country. For example, if you are living in the United Kingdom and a specific site is blocked in your country, then the TOR browser will change your location to another country where the site is not blocked. It also changes your real IP and provides you with the option of choosing the IP address of different countries. TOR Browser can be downloaded from the official website of TOR. Its usage is the same as that of regular web browsers.

3.     Web Proxies:

Web Proxies For RARBG

Proxies are widely used to access all types of blocked sites. However, you need to keep in mind that the usage of proxies is not safe and the servers of websites can easily block you if they recognize your real location. But still, users who do not have any idea about VPNs or virtual browser prefer proxies given the fact that it is the easiest way to access any blocked site. Below, I have provided you a list of official and unofficial RARBG proxies. You can utilize them to download the content of RARBG.

Proxy Sites for RARBG:

These sites are hosted and located at the locations where RARBG is not blocked. It means that you can access the functionalities of RARBG mirror through the RARBG proxy sites even if RARBG is blocked in your country.

Official RARBG Proxy Sites

Here is a list of official RARBG proxy mirror sites that are controlled by the official team of RARBG:

RARBG ProxiesStatusSpeed
https://rarbgproxied.orgActiveVery Fast
http://rarbgget.orgActiveVery Fast
http://rarbgaccess.orgActiveVery Fast

Unofficial RARBG Proxy Sites

Different fans of the RARBG have created these proxy sites, and the status of these sites is not stable. Meaning that sometimes they work, and sometimes don’t.

RARBG ProxiesStatusSpeed
https://rarbgunblock.comActiveVery Fast
http://rarbg-to.proxydude.redActiveVery Fast
http://rarbg.com.torrentprox.comActiveVery Fast
http://rarbg-to.pbproxy.redActiveVery Fast

You must need to go through the comments section because all the people who have downloaded the file describe their opinion in the comments section. In this way, you will get to know the quality of the movies, and if the data is fake or genuine.

RARBG Movies

RARBG Alternatives

Do you want to explore more sites like RARBG to download the torrents of your wish? Do you want to compare the services of RARBG to other torrent sites? If yes, then you can find plenty of sites that work precisely like RARBG. Indeed, some of them might be better than RARBG in particular scenarios. Take a look at the list of RARBG alternatives that will do your work smoothly in the absence of RARBG:

1. KICKASS Torrents


In 2016, Kat.cr was the most visited site as it contained all the latest movies and TV serials. People used to upload new episodes of TV serials on Kat.cr immediately after they were aired. The users preferred it because of its convenient functionalities and user-friendly template. It was also free of all kinds of ads, and therefore, it was favored over other platforms.

Unfortunately, this site was also shut down in 2017 in various countries. However, there are still several proxy sites of kat.cr that are giving away the same functionalities as that of the original website. Downloading torrents from this website should be a must for you if you don’t find other torrent websites.

2. 1337x

1337X Torrent

This website is another excellent alternative to RARBG. It provides a variety of torrents and magnet links to its users. According to the statistics of torrent rating, this website was the 3rd most popular site in 2018. The quality of the content on this website was also matchless as there were no fake or shady torrents. Positive user feedback was also amongst the various reasons why this site was considered as trustworthy.

3. LimeTorrents:

Lime Torrent

On Lime torrent, you will find verified content. This site also has strict rules when it comes to adult content. This site is closed in many countries, but you don’t have to worry because there are a lot of working proxies of LimeTorrents that are created by the fans and the official management.

4. The Pirate Bay:

The PirateBay

The pirate pay is basically an index of digital content of the media and softwares. It was founded in 2003 by a Swedish think tank. It is still considered as one of the most popular sites of the torrent on the internet. It has millions of torrent files related to movies, games, and softwares, and it also shares links of different torrents by using peer to peer and mirror proxies.

5. ExtraTorrents:


ExtraTorrents is also a reasonable alternative of RARBG, and it was the most popular torrent site on the internet. This site also provides quality content with functionalities of peer to peer downloading and database servers. This site has been outlawed in many countries, and owners of the site claim that it would have been immensely popular had it not been blocked.

6. Bitsnoop:

Bitsnoop Torrent

Another less known alternative of RARBG is Bitsnoop, also known by another name Zoqle. The structure of Bitsnopp was like a crawler, which used to scrap data from torrentz2 and showed it on the official Bitsnoop site. Bitsnoop was remarkably prevalent among the entertainment geeks to download movies and music albums.

Over to you:

I have described each and everything that will help you in browsing different torrent files. I have discussed only those torrent alternatives that work efficiently for all kinds of visitors. If you have other ideas about RARBG, I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. You can also inform me about the dead proxy links so that I could update them as soon as possible.