Fahrenheit 451 is the best dystopia science fiction composed by Ray Bradbury in 1953. According to the Fahrenheit 451 book review, it has won several awards as well as film producers have produced a film based on its story. Besides, many radio channels have conducted their programs on it. This book is one of my favorite books because its story is unique.

Like Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Ray Bradbury brings us to a Utopian world, where we come across with various distinctive types of events, cultures, and characters. Though the story of the book is quite unusual, yet I took it normally, when I first time read it. If anyone of you is familiar with Gulliver’s Travels, he/she will never be surprised by reading such type of the story dealing with a pessimistic subject.

Fahrenheit 451 book review

Book Theme

Fahrenheit 451 book review shows that it is the story of a fireman named Guy Montag whose job is burning books. It is because he works in a company of firemen in America. The primary purpose of this group of firemen is to burn all books. If they know that any house has the collection of books, they set the house on fire with special guns and kerosene oil. Guy Montag also burns books, initially, with his company but later on, he changes his mind and starts stealing books, for later reading, instead of setting them on fire. He hides these books in a secret place of his home.

Other than that, the Fahrenheit 451 book review also covers the age of McCarthy in American politics. Bradbury writes this book under the influence of Communism and witchcraft. If you remember, Arthur Miller has written a play “The Crucible” in the same era in 1953 under the influence of witchcraft. However, many competent reviewers review that the act of burning books might be under the impact of a witch-hunt. As the witch-hunt had influenced the whole American culture and society.

Fahrenheit 451 book review

Psychological Science Fiction

The book Fahrenheit 451 is psychological science fiction.  People are killing each other, committing suicides and burning books. The author delves deep into the psyche of his characters and describes their stories through actions. On the other hand, Montag’s wife attempts to commit suicide with pills. A lady in his neighbor sets her books on fire first and later on burns herself. There is some horrible situation of violence and dissatisfaction in the novel. No one is satisfied with his/her life.

After meeting reverend Faber, Montag saves some holy books including the Bible and tries to memorize some critical lines of it. Though Faber is not a religious man yet, he thinks that the Bible is an excellent book to be remembered.

Fahrenheit 451 book review

The most exciting thing about this book is the discussion about the comparisons made between the legendary bird and humanity. The bird dies in flames only to reborn from ashes and humanity constantly repeats mistakes and never seems to learn from history.

I like this book because it conveys a decent message of banning trash books and saving the holy and worth reading books as Plato bans the poets for his Utopia. He bans only those poets who spread the wrong message through their poetry.

Bottom Line

I love this book Fahrenheit 451. It has outstanding prose, which is one of the masterpieces of literature. I want to recommend you to read this book as soon as you got time.

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