A Great Practice for Discovering the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love is a fantastic book written by Devon Franklin and Megan Good. The Wait Book review shows that this book deals with a sensitive matter of life. The couple has shared their experience of searching for their love for life. They have mentioned each and every bit of their struggle. In the journey of their love, they have to face a crowd of problems, but they remain steadfast. Both of them have shared their individual experiences so that both male and female readers could enjoy and learn from their experiences.

the wait

The couple does not focus on traditional moral laws of society and Christian teaching concerning conjugal lovemaking. Those who are not satisfied with their matches or still bachelors will surely start their search for a suitable match after reading this book. The life of the couple can become a source of inspiration for them. According to the Wait book review, singles may lead to searching their love.

They further suggest that it may be possible that God has chosen any better person for you. So you need to wait for God’s command. God loves His men, and He decides better and awards them better. So you should bid farewell to your worries and frustrations; just wait.

The Wait book review exposes the worth of this book composed of an experienced and successful couple. This book is an ointment for the wounds of dejected partners. Megan and Devon advise finding anyone else after the breakup. Maybe the other person is more suitable for you. Perhaps he/she love you the most. So it is useless to cry over any loss, specifically on separation.

The Wait book review suggests that a person should be coherent and intelligible before taking any next step. A person must try to find the reason for the previous separation before going to pursue a next life-partner. The couple believes that only physical attraction is not true love; for true love, mental and spiritual understanding is necessary as Jane Austen has told in her novel ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ In that novel, Jane has beautifully defined the meaning of true love.

the wait

Though the theme of “The Wait“ is not unique, as Jane Austen and many other writers have penned down on the same theme in various genre of literature, the book is a masterpiece of the couple Megan, a topnotch actress, and her husband Devon, the chief executive officer of Franklin Entertainment and Sony Pictures. The Wait book review shows that it is an inspirational book.

It provides fruitful guidance to young people about their life partner and career. The couple says that career growth is more important than finding love. If you want to find love, first establish your career. Thus wait for better future and better partner is necessary. The Wait book review also covers the area of marriages for sexual pleasure fails; those who wait for a right wedding by avoiding the sexual temptation that always succeeds.

Megan Good explains in her book that people feel guilty after having sex without marriage; thus they tend to God and win God’s love. And their spiritual insight becomes stronger.

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