In the Stealing Fire book review, you will find out that it is the most well-composed book by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal. A number of broad themes, (regarding the changing technology, hallucinatory and bizarre/incoherent) have been discussed in this book. It is an exciting book as it is not easy to grasp the purpose of the book. However, it takes perhaps more than one readings. The word ‘Fire’ is metaphorically used as an altered state of mind, ‘Ecstasis,’ which is a synonym of the upper portion and the word ‘Flow’ also means an altered state of mind as on its peak performance.

An in-depth psychological, neurobiological, and psychopharmacological analysis of people is the primary objective of Kotler and Wheal.

stealing fire review

Challenges of Navy SEAL

As the world is going too fast in terms of advancements, we observe a drastic change on a daily basis. For example, mobile phones have replaced wired telephones, and now we can easily contact people anywhere at any place, anytime. However, we cannot compare these changes with the challenges that the Navy SEAL confronts. Their job is more complicated, ambiguous, uncertain and buoyant. SEALS do not give training or any plan.

In SEAL, they have to take action in a moment. Though SEALS are expensive machines, but they deliver positive results. No doubt, SEALS are reputable, but they do not elaborate mental seriousness. The SEALS refine the raw materials, and this process is different from the group flow of the people in desert-like areas.

According to the Stealing Fire book review, Ecstasis is the action of stepping behind oneself. You often experience the same condition for example, whenever you listen, your favorite song you delve deep into the song. I admit that this is a different situation but the ecstatic works in your brain, nervous system and consciousness, and this process is identical.

Stealing Fire Book Review


Stealing Fire book review has four different characteristics of Ecstasis, abbreviated as STER;

  1. S – Selflessness: It is part of your brain, which temporarily loses a sense of ego and self. Muting of the constant chattering monkey mind, and feelings of connection with your environment.
  2. T – Timelessness: Meditations of past or future events coming to a stop and you enter into the present moment.
  3. E – Effortlessness:  Players call this being “in the zone.” Jazz composers call it “performing in the pocket.” It is when thoughts cease, and smooth action takes place.
  4. R – Richness:  It makes a state of awareness, so addictive. It directly teleports you into another world. Brain waves diminish to alpha range, neurotransmitters like dopamine gets released, we become hyper-focused, and bits of information from our environment we usually are unaware of suddenly become available to us.

Why is Ecstasis Important? It has Multiple Purposes such as:

  1. Stress and anxiety relief,            
  2. Depression management
  3. Enhanced immunity
  4. Increased focus
  5. Better memory
  6. Enhanced cognitive ability
  7. Emotional healing from past traumas
  8. Removing negative habits
  9. Easing end of life anxiety
  10. Positive lasting personality change
  11. Life changing mystical experiences
stealing fire book review

Stealing Fire book review tells us that Ecstasis is harmful. Ecstasis does not play an only positive role, but sometimes it becomes hazardous. Previously, I have discussed all its positive elements, but now I am going to tell you the negative aspects of Ecstasis, as Kotler and Jamie have described in the last part of the book. For instance, practicing about past meditation can make you more frustrated without proper training. However, appropriate guidance, training, and mentorship are necessary for positive results.

Altered states of consciousness, and most especially flow, is the name of the game. They’re trying to share the secrets from diverse explorers of the mind and body experience in a way that we can all begin to drink more freely from the fountains of experiences that release us from our usual limitations and push us to ecstasis – the act of stepping beyond oneself.

Fundamentals of Flow

The main focus of the book “Stealing Fire” is on group flow and bringing people to work together. Whereas the objective of the book “Stealing fire” is not group flow. Many of the people are using flow and group flow to show the outcome.

stealing fire book review

Basically, flow is an active state that permits people in the delicate and intricate balance of challenge and skill to run five times smarter than they might be able to operate their out of flow states.

According to Stealing Fire review, the world is ever changing rapidly; thus, the man has to face many challenges in life. But these challenges are nothing as compared to the NAVY SEAL’s encounter.

SEAL has introduced hard groups, yet the real toughness of minds is yet closed.

Uncertainty of Thoughts

Unfortunately, we are a part of a chaotic and uncertain world. The major part of our uncertainty relates to our success. It works as fuel in various situations.

Stealing Fire starts with the Eleusinian mysteries that reveal the truth about animals, love, and drugs or chemicals used in human’s life for multiple purposes. The book also discloses the fact of the sexual revolution, which brings about anxiety.

Good, Bad and Selfless

We sometimes see ourselves partially by perceiving the world around us in some odd situation or a sudden turn of nature. According to John Lilly’s experiments, if we deprive the brain of the sensory inputs, it means we twist down our self-sense. Generally, we consider that our self-sense is a positive thing as it gives us identity. But we ignore the fact that doing so we restrict our ability of thinking without the inner critic agonizing us continually.

stealing fire book review

Sensory deprivation tanks, meditation, and drugs smoothly diminish the sense of self – both for good and bad. Controlling the inner critic is a good thing.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, I must say that Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal wanted to set a fire in us that is already burning in us, but we are perhaps unaware of its importance. Stealing Fire is a motivational and a life-changing book.

Stealing Fire review clarifies that it is the best-selling book; well-composed by Kotler and Jamie Wheal. After reading this book, I am so excited because this book has the strength to alter the life of an individual as well as society, changing the mentality and psychic aspects. I strongly recommend that people should read this book to get rid of psychological problems and to diminish ego. It really takes people into a state of flow. How to grab a copy of it, and find out its hidden aspects that may help you change. Keep exploring!

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