Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the first book series composed by Jeffy Kinney, focusing on the marriage issues of family and parenting magazine. Greg Heffley is a teenage boy and student of the middle class. He starts writing a journal like a diary, in which he gives detail of his daily life experiences as a student of the middle school. He tells why girls take an interest in boys. And he writes his comments on bullying, where he gets a seat on the very first day of the class. Also drawing cartoons and various other topics specifically cheese touching.

All students are afraid of touching cheese in the school due to a rumor. And the cheese is considered to be a fatal insect like that of a mouse of plague. The students avoid touching even those who have ever touch cheese mistakenly.

Greg’s eldest brother used to make fun of him. The younger brother of Greg is an entirely different type of nature. Greg considers him a rotten boy. As his parents, do not allow his brother to play video games, Greg being so sensitive goes to his friend’s home to play video games. Rowley is Greg’s best friend. Greg, at first, does many wrong things with Rowley but Rowley remains calm and steadfast. And he does not take any wrong step against Greg. Eventually, they become fast friends.

A book review on Diary of a Wimpy kid

A book review on Diary of a Wimpy kid covers the beliefs of society. Besides, Greg has an understanding of lucky stars. Greg does not like the authoritative command of his mother. His mother forces him to write a diary of his daily routine. Greg does not follow his mother’s control instead of that he writes a journal. His mother also compels him to participate in school games. On this point both his father and mother dispute against each other.

On the lousy performance of Greg, his mother annoys, and she throws the bouquet in a dustbin on her way back home. One day Greg asks his mother for a Barbie dollhouse, but his mother suggests him to buy alternative toy; thus again his parent’s lie, the dollhouse kept away from him. In the face of any problem, his mother does not help him. Instead, she instructs him to do the right thing.

A book review on Diary of a Wimpy kid

A book review on Diary of a Wimpy Kid shows that Greg is not pleased with his father’s behavior.  On the weekend, he gets up early in the morning and starts cleaning home. He does not like his children wasting their time playing video games. Instead, he wants them to play an outdoor game for physical fitness. His father loves Halloween very much. Even he has old water can be filled with water throws on teenaged who are walking near his house.

However, Greg considers his father a lunatic. And whenever his father has to sentence Greg, he throws whatever he is holding in his hand on Greg. His parents allow his eldest brother to listen to songs, but they do not allow Greg and his younger brother. However, Greg seems annoyed with this social injustice of his parents. On the other hand, Rowley’s father assists his boys in playing games, but he stops them to frighten the people in their haunted house “Halloween.”

Bottom Line

A book review on Diary of Wimpy Kid shows that it is a best- selling for children. It is full of beautiful and funny pictures, and no one can stop laughing. It is a big hilarious book.

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