“In a dark, dark wood” is a psychological mysterious crime-fiction book written by Ruth Ware. The story revolves around the protagonist Leonora known as Nora. By profession, she is a crime writer who lives in seclusion for years. One day she receives an invitation letter of hen party from her childhood’s best friend, Florence Clay. Clay arranges a party in a wood to celebrate the engagement ceremony of Clare Cavendish, Nora’s long-lost boyfriend and love.

Nora feels strange about the unexpected invitation as she met Clare ten years ago. Anyways, she decides to attend the party hesitatingly and finally reaches there, but late, accompanied by her friend, Nina. There, she feels upset in that country-house; depressed and tensed and wanted to rush back to London.

in a dark dark wood

In a Dark Dark Wood Review

In a Dark Dark Wood Review, Ruth Ware style of writing is similar to the Agatha Christie’s. As we are familiar with Christie’s style. In a Dark, Dark Wood, the author brings unfortunate characters on the same ground; the reader develops deep in the story out of curiosity. Pain of long forgotten relationship, the facilities of twenty first century and poisonous friendship, truly makes the crime fiction distinctive.

In a Dark Dark Wood Review, the introduction of poisonous friendship in the novel by the author enables the novel touching the high sky of popularity. We all have friends in our lives but sometimes any one of our friends become so special for us and that we begin to trust him/her even ignoring our own self-esteem. But after reading this fiction novel, the readers feel some fear and became mature as Ruth advice us to rethink on our decision. Ruth Ware grabs the attention of her readers so that they read the book to the last line in one sitting without getting bored. A reader reads the book turning all of its pages.

After approaching at the house of an aunt of Clare’s best friend, Flo, Nora suffers from past memories. Her poisonous memories haunt her, which later on, exposes the differences between reality and falsification. Ruth explains the story of old friends who do not know each other’s personal life due to lack of communication. Lack of communication is a tragic woe of modern century. However, they can’t enjoy hen celebration, consequently, this wave of anxiety and stress leads to fatal end of murder. Nora receives a head injury but her life is saved.

in a dard dard wood review

Humor in the Story

In a Dark, Dark Wood, I notice that all friends are so young perhaps, that is why they are unable to handle the situation. The author’s aim seems to focus on the young generation only. Ruth succeeds to create humor in the story, despite the whole story and obsessed characters with stress and mental agony. Murder of James and attack on Nora is mysterious. The wedding ceremony turns into a murderous and violent event.

In a Dark, Dark Wood Review, it is shown that the character of Flo can’t be understood, as I couldn’t. She seems to me as a mysterious character. Her intimacy with Clare is perhaps lesbian. Her character remains suspected throughout the story. Ruth depicts the story of female’s friendship instead of any love story or friendship with opposite gender. All friends scratch their wounds and suffer into mental agony.

Bottom Line

Old memories are the real culprit of stress in the novel. The name of the story is symbolic; the glass house and dark-wood, names and many other elements play a symbolic role in the story. How about going into the mysterious world for a while? Grab its copy, if you like mysterious stories, full of terror and violence, along with positivity too.

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