Goblin Slayer review reveals the hidden savagery of nature. As we have seen in the novel ‘Heart of Darkness’ written by Joseph Conrad. He exposes the brutality of people living in Congo forest of Africa where Kurtz fails to teach them; rather he indulges himself in the same act of brutality and evils. He starts eating human flesh, collects ivory, lechery and several other evils. Nevertheless, Goblin Slayer review warns that the book’s content is not suitable for everyone of every age to watch its video or read it.

Children and sensitive people should avoid. The very first episode of the novel reveals the character of a priestess who changes her mind after experiencing the reality of the world. She comes to know that no one is trustworthy. In the very opening scene of Goblin Slayer, the brutal sexual rape scenes’ badly affect on the mind of innocent and sensitive people. Two major characters play a vital role. Despite the brutal and obnoxious act of rape at the beginning of the story, it maintains the interest of the readers to read it to the very end. Because the scene plants the seed of curiosity in the minds of readers.

And this very scene of rape can also damage someone psychologically. A question arises here why these obnoxious scenes have not been censored from the video.

Goblin Slayer Review: Interesting Point

goblin slayer review

The interesting thing about the book in this Goblin Slayer review is that the book shows the fantasy world when we come across elves, dwarves and lizards living with human beings. It seems very strange when we see Priestess who was finding a job for her, joins the group of killers with a little hesitation.  It may be possible that the writer wants to highlight the selfishness of human nature. Perhaps that is why he has shown that Priestess knowingly joins the group of murderers.

The protagonist Goblin Slayer himself wants to slay goblins. People are unable to judge goblins which is why they face tragic defeat. They dash to the ground by the poisoned daggers, and Priestess also gets wounds and rushes to save her life.

At the end of this adventure, Goblin Slayer realizes his mistake. He and his company fail to estimate goblins and do not take security measures. Anyhow, the expedition of Goblin Slayer in the company of Priestess, lizard man, elves and dwarves enhances the curiosity and interest in the readers. They abandon the Cave after cleaning it.

That’s what you have to contend with in episode one, so if you still want to watch the rest of the series, it’s mostly clear from here. As I said, there are some occasions where they run into victims of the goblins, but any horrific acts from this point are left off the screen.


At the end of the story, both main characters Priestess and Goblin Slayer become mature and stronger. The characters of the story are not flat and passive. They are active, sharp and responsive. Goblin Slayer review shows that the characters, music, animation, and scenes create harmony in the conclusion of the story and viewers do not feel boredom.

You would definitely enjoy reading this book, or in case if you want more book reviews (e.g., Milk And Honey Book Review) and much more.