French Quarter also called the Crown Jewel is the ancient area of the city Orleans that is visited by a huge number of people every year. France is famous for many favourite spots for tourists and traditional French cuisine. There are many things to do in the French Quarter, as it is one of the best sites in France to be visited and seen.

When you plan a travel to the French Quarter, you must keep in mind the changing weather, fashion of French and their language. As you know, language is the primary tool of communication; you should learn some basic words & phrases in the French language so that you could enjoy your trip facing no much hurdle when interacting with people. You do not need to be the master in French, but learning some essential words & phrases are necessary for the interaction, for example:

  • Bonjour – Hello
  • Merci – Thank you!
  • Oui– Yes
  • Pardon – Excuse
  • S’il vous plait – Please
  • Au Revoir – Goodbye
  • Je ne parle pas francais– I don’t speak French.
  • En Anglais, s’il vous plait – In English, please?

After learning some basic French words, you need to know how the French people greet each other, for example, their style of saying hello and shaking hands, etc. The French people kiss each other, but they only shake hands with strangers. They also kiss when they depart, they do not kiss just on one side of the face, and they kiss on both cheeks. Basic knowledge of culture is mandatory to learn so that you could enjoy many things to do in the French Quarter.

Visiting the countryside in French, say, “Bonjour” to the villagers, however when you are traveling to any big city of France, avoid saying so, because the people will not respond to you. French citizens avoid strangers, and they do not respond to them.

There are 10 most interesting things to do in the French Quarter:

· Mississippi River

Mississippi River is the historical river of the French Quarter, and it is the most visited place. One must go there to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Mississippi River

· Statue of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson, who was the seventh American president, lived in New Orleans for several years. In 1815, he fought against the British on the battlefield of New Orleans. To give tribute to Andrew Jackson’s bravery, the statue was sculptured by Clark Mills in 1856. Many people like to visit this place to see the precious historic statue.

Statue of Andrew Jackson

· St. Louis Cathedral

St. Louis Cathedral Church is one of the most prominent Churches in the United States. It was established in the French Quarter with the foundation date of the city, but it was rebuilt in 1788 and was renovated in 1909.

St. Louis Cathedral

· H-Le Petit Theater

This theater was built in 1916 in the French Quarter. The theater is especially famous for being haunted. While visiting in the night, people are guided by some special guides.

Many T.V shows, educational programs, and concerts are conducted here. It also provides the platform for films and talk shows as well as literary debates.

Petit Theater

· L- Carousel Bar

In the French Quarter, it is a single twirling bar which has revolving visitors for 65 years. The bar gives food menu and night meal including whiskey, cocktails of Orleans, etc.

Carousel Bar


I hope, whenever you visit the French Quarter, my article will help you as a guide. I have forgotten to tell you about Jazz music. You will enjoy hearing Jazz music while you walk through the streets of the market in French Orleans. Hopefully, you have better plans now as you have come to know multiple things to do in the French Quarter.

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